Water Bums at Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas

Riu Cabo Beach

We’re water bums. From 9 am to 7 pm, we were in the water today at Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas. I asked Athena if she wanted something to eat for lunch and she said, “Can I eat in the pool?” When I told her no, she said she wasn’t hungry. I can’t attest to much else at the resort today except the pool temperature was ideal and the ocean was spectacular. 

Even before we first got in the water, Athena wanted to be on the beach. We were the only people at an all-inclusive resort crazy enough to be on the beach at 7 am. It was peaceful, calm, quiet. We create virgin footsteps in the sand and let the water rush over our feet.

Riu Palace Cabo Beach

Playing on the beach at Riu Cabo

By 9 am, we couldn’t keep her out any longer. We started off by just playing on the stairs. She splashed around and tested her limits.

Athena in the Pool at Riu Palace

Within the hour, she was jumping from the steps and into my arms. The happiness was bursting out of her. Hours passed and I was frozen and starting to shrivel up like a prune, but look at that face! Could you tell her she had to get out?

Riu Cabo Pool

We explored every section of the pool and then explored every section of the pool again. Although the two major pools are almost a mirror image of each other, we had to explore every section of both pools several times.

Riu Palace Cabo Pool

When I would dive under water, she’d look around like it was impossible. Where could I have gone? The inquisitive expression on her face when I popped up made me laugh every time. Today, I was a magician among other things; mothers play many roles. Underwater Photo at Riu Palace Cabo

It’s only 9 pm and Athena has been asleep for an hour and I’m not far behind. The only question I’m left with at the end of the day is where do they get all the energy? She’s had the same amount of sleep, eaten the same foods, and played way harder than me today, yet she’ll still be jumping on the bed at 5:30 am tomorrow waiting for Mommy to go play. She’s performing some of her own magic. After two years, I still don’t get it.

33 thoughts on “Water Bums at Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas

  1. Children thrive on sun, sea, sand and fresh air! My daughter has special needs; so many people are afraid to travel with their special needs child. Every year we take her somewhere she can experience exactly what you have described with your daughter, and she responds with the same joy as your daughter did. Life is for living! Let them live it!


  2. In another lifetime, I recall Life Magazine did a spread about a wrestler and a three-year-old. He had to follow the child around all day and do exactly what the child did. At the end of the day, the wrestler pooped out and the kid was still wound up. ~(*_~)~~


    • You’ll see from the pics that we cover her with a long sleeve rash guard and a hat so we don’t need sunscreen all day 🙂 I do the same. She’s starting to swim on her own but we’re going to do lessons in July. So exciting! 🙂


  3. Oh yes, kids have tons of energy! And it seems like the more they do/later they stay up, the earlier they will get up the following day! By the way, I am so jealous of your job!


  4. We were on a cruise out of L.A. and were supposed to stop off at Cabo. There had been a storm and the seas were too rough for the small tender boats to come to the cruise liner to pick us up. So we just sadly cruised on by, soo close.


  5. How lovely! You guys are so lucky to have so many adventures together 😀 XD

    Thanks for liking one of my blog posts by the way 😀

    I also love travel and I think your blog is amazing. Maybe you’ll give me ideas for places to go 😀


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  8. Love all the pics and sweet Athena. We’ll be staying at Riu Palace in August. Any suggestions of must-sees/dos? Thanks.


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