The Line Between Reality & Dreams – My Namibian Safari (Day 2)

I didn’t think it could get any better. It’s hard to believe that people go their entire life without seeing such beauty. Then, day two came and I realized that my Namibian safari had only just begun. Etosha Safari Lodge Sunrise Day two started with a Heavenly sunrise from the deck at Etosha Safari Lodge. Do you remember the opening scene from Lion King, you know you all saw it, where Simba is brought to the edge of the rock, Pride Rock, to be shown to the rest of the animals? The view from Estosha Safari Lodge is something like that only better. The endless horizon was blessed by the golden morning sun and I was there to soak up the rays. I didn’t want to leave the property, except I was going back to Etosha National Park for more game viewing. Etosha National Park Giraffe We entered the gates and I said, “I hope we see a giraffe today.” It was within seconds that I saw a tall, majestic, graceful creature rustling the trees. “GIRAFFE! GIRAFFE!” I couldn’t help but yell. The excitement just burst out of my mouth to match what was happening in my head. What an amazing world when I can drive down the street and see a giraffe carelessly roaming through the trees next to me. I had to keep blinking to make sure it was real. We chatted like little, old ladies at a coffee shop. There wasn’t a break in conversation. “Look to the left”. “There are more to the right.” “Look!” “Look!” “Wow!” Animals were everywhere.

Etosha National Park Animals

Warthog Etosha National Park

Zebra Etosha National Park, Namibia Etosha National Park Zebra A group of zebras, well over 100 in size, surrounded our vehicle. We were in a traffic jam. Patiently, we turned off the truck and waited. I listened to them shuffle about and move forward down the road. Did they consider us a threat? It seemed highly unlikely because they didn’t speed up or cause a commotion. I never thought I’d be so immersed in the surroundings. My expectations continued to be surpassed with a ferociousness that only existed in the wild.

Impala Etosha National Park I was already feeling blessed about the encounters when we approached the water hole. We pulled up and shut off the truck. I said, “This is like watching a movie” as we watched half a dozen springbok drinking from the water. “Now all we need is a lion to run after the springbok and chase them down.” Like magic, a male lion appeared. He started to run. He was chasing the springbok. Somehow I managed to lift my camera and turn it on, even though I was in complete shock and awe. This was really happening and I was there to see it. He, the lion, gave up quickly. The springbok lived to see another day. He paced by the water hole, rested, then walked away with his tail between his legs toward a tree. He’d given up and found shade. In all honesty, I didn’t want to see the kill, but I did want to see the movements and the chase. I’d had the best of both worlds – no blood or death but all the adrenaline. Lion Etosha National Park

Lion Etosha National Park

It became an ongoing joke that every time I said something was about to happen, it did. I casually joked about seeing a lion with cubs because I wanted it so badly but it was only the unconscious statements that turned true. I couldn’t will a cub into our sights, but the unpredictable nature of it all was one of the best parts.

It’s impossible to describe the feeling of being on safari. It’s almost like the more animals that surround you, the more comfortable you feel. It’s not like I was about to get out of my vehicle and try to pet one of them but I respected their environment and quietly captured it from a distance with a new respect and appreciation for the life of Etosha National Park.

Every day offered something new, exciting and unique, but my first natural lion sighting was definitely one of the highlights of the trip.

44 thoughts on “The Line Between Reality & Dreams – My Namibian Safari (Day 2)

  1. You know why everything you wished for happened? Because you never had a defeating thought in your mind that it wouldn’t! your excitement and clarity of what you were wanting was calling for the universe to bring it to you! I’m so happy you are living your dream! You are a inspiration to many, and your positive attitude and outlook is going to make your wildest dreams come true!


  2. Judging by the photograph, this was a young lion. Not a full mane yet.
    Glad you’re living your dream. (I can almost feel the heat)
    Can you imagine being brought up there? 🙂
    (Colonialist can!)
    Take care


    • Hi Brian,

      It was a young, inexperienced lion. That’s why he did a poor job at hunting, I think. I was grateful for that as I wasn’t ready to see a kill.

      I can’t imagine being brought up there. There are so many other things to worry about. It was my greatest travel dream come true though. I can’t wait to return to experience it with my family. 🙂

      Where would you like to travel most?


      • Good question. I’ve lived in so many places and airports and planes now aggravate me… Let’s see: Back to Africa. Haven’t been in 25 years. South-east Asia. Born there. Lived there but don’t remember zip! 🙂 Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia. India with mixed feelings. And, maybe, but that’s a long “shot” Down Under, Awstralia! Meanwhile, you enjoy Africa!


  3. “There is something about safari life that makes you forget all your sorrows and feel as if you had drunk half a bottle of champagne — bubbling over with heartfelt gratitude for being alive.”
    Karen Blixen – Out of Africa.

    I live about an hour away from Etosha, and go there often. To hear or read other people’s experience with the park is like seeing it for the first time again.


      • I’m attached to a carnivore organization and I’m very interested in large cats.
        I love them all, but I’ve seen so many lions over the years so now I’m more interested in their pride structure and to identify the individuals. I will still sit and watch them for a long time.
        The leopard is the most beatiful, I think. And it used to be such a rare treat to see them in the park. I’m still not guaranteeing leopard sightings (I can do that with lions), but the population must have increased the last five years and I see them regularly now.
        The cheetah is the least common ‘cat’ in the park, and I’m always incredibly excited when I get to see one. I know about a few individuals and where their play trees are, but still…I don’t get to see them very often. So despite that the cheetah is not my favorite cat, it’s still the one that stirs the most excitement in my vehicle. 😉


    • In the big reserves they are acclimatized to the vehicles and generally don’t see them as a threat, but don’t take it for granted and don’t get out of your vehicle. On guided tours sometimes walking is allowed with an experience and usually armed ranger. Come see for yourself 🙂


  4. Wow, it’s so exciting to see all the animals and a dream come true. Glad that you were able to capture some it in pictures. I too can picture the Lion King and the rock. Looking forward to more 🙂


  5. Amazing post! I’m enjoying your posts very much recently, how is the weather there? I’m going to SA in July and hope my trip will be as wonderful as yours.

    What camera do you use? You took decent pictures!


    • The weather was warm during the days and dropped to almost freezing during the nights.

      I use a Canon T2i with a zoom lens.

      I look forward to reading about your trip. I’m sure you will enjoy! What are you most excited about?


      • I read that it has been your third day there and you seem to have a very good time. Well, this is my first time also, so I think I will just try enjoying the Savannah. I would love to know the lenses you used there, so I could plan my trip and perhaps buy longer telephoto lens. Enjoy your trip and keep posting!


  6. I did the Masai Mara Safari (Kenya) in 2003. It’s by far one of my most incredible trips. I’m loving the pictures. I wish back then I had a way to document my trips like you are on this blog. Love it!
    Enjoy it!


  7. Pleased you got to see the Oryx (Gemsbok). To visit Namibia without seeing this majestic animal would leave a gap in your tour. Love your photos. Just paid the deposit to hike the Fish River Canyon, Southern Namibia in April next year. Five days backpacking in the wilderness, second time and can’t wait.


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  9. Wow! I’ve been to Etosha many years ago as a child but have always meant to go back…maybe next year… I have been to the Kruger many times, in South Africa and always feel blessed being able to experience animals in the wild like that. And realizing how many people will only ever see wild animals on a zoo. Sad


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