The Star Treatment at Doro Nawas Camp, Namibia

Doro Nawas Camp, Namibia

Doro Nawas Camp, situated on a rugged, rocky hill on the edge of the dry Aba Huab River, rolled out the green carpet for us! From the accommodations to the dining to the daily activities, Doro Nawas Camp left me starstruck.

I could see the camp from half a mile away. Perched atop a rocky knoll, the unspoiled views of the Etendeka Mountains were breathtaking, but it was the massive suites with a veranda for stargazing or sleep-outs that left me speechless. This was the reason I came to Africa! Experiences like these don’t come along often. I wanted to soak it up and mingle with the stars! How could I sleep inside when this was an option? (I’ll get back to this question shortly, but you’ll be surprised with the answer.)

Doro Nawas Camp Room

Doro Nawas Camp Veranda, Namibia

Before I turned in, or should I say rolled my bed out, for the night, dinner was in the agenda. Told to dress warm, I figured we’d be dining on the patio overlooking the mountains but the staff had something prepared that was even beyond my exotic, wild imagination.

We drove 20 minutes to a private dinner under the stars in the Namibian plains. Candles lit the path to our table, our backs to the sounds of the wild. This is the place of fairy-tales. Do people actually get to live like this? It didn’t even seem out of the ordinary to the staff. When I asked, they said they do it on a regular basis for their guests, especially for proposals or anniversaries. Take notes men! This is how you should treat your partner. That night will remain on the top of my best dinners for the rest of my life. They rolled out the green carpet and I dined with the stars!

Doro Nawas Camp Dinner

Dinner at Doro Nawas Camp, Namibia

I returned to the camp feeling exhilarated! I was ready to sleep outside, confident that I could make it through the night. I crawled into the bed with my emergency horn and headlamp.

I was feeling less confident. There are lions out here. I could be attacked. No, I could be eaten! Alive!

Doro Nawas Beds

Then… it happened. I heard something. It was being attacked. Was it being eaten? It sounded like something was being eaten. Was there a lion? Were there several? I was going to be next. I ran inside. Closed the doors! Turned off the lights. Waited!

Darn it! Why did I put both beds outside? I’m going to have to go get them. I waited longer. Any thought of actually sleeping outside was completely gone. I ran out with the headlamp shining in all directions. My head was on a swivel.

Frantically and chaotically, I pushed the bed back inside. The others could have their outdoor adventure. I was fine with sleeping inside.

In the morning, I felt rested and refreshed. I wasn’t even the slightest bit ashamed for going indoors. The wild was more courageous than me. I’ll get over it.

As a final “hurrah” from Doro Nawas Camp, we finished our stay there with an elephant safari. We started the morning at 5:30 am and went elephant tracking. Just when we thought we’d go back without a sighting, our guide spotted something on a mountain in the distance. It was a miracle. I still don’t know how he did it. Like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, he made them appear as if from dust.

There were at least twenty of them. Somehow, my guess is because of all the excitement, I forgot to count.

Elephants around Doro Nawas Camp, Namibia

Elephants around Doro Nawas Camp

Elephants around Doro Nawas Camp, Namibia

Elephants around Doro Nawas Camp, Namibia

Tears of joy filled my eyes and I pretended it was from the wind. I had envisioned this for so long and to actually be surrounded by my greatest travel dream, I was elated with happiness. I knew, and know, that anything is possible.

I found accommodations to match my ridiculous ideals of Namibia.ย Doro Nawas Camp isn’t just a place to stay, it’s a lifestyle.

34 thoughts on “The Star Treatment at Doro Nawas Camp, Namibia

  1. Ha, ha. Whatever it was eating was probably bigger and tastier than you :-). Namibian stars are just amazing at night, so many you can’t even see the ones you know (Southern Hemisphere of course). Elephant pics are just brilliant – some of the best I’ve seen.


  2. Wow, love the scenery and the candles and dinner. Don’t blame you for putting the bed back inside. What a wonderful journey you have had. Thanks for letting us experience it through your pictures!!!


  3. I have done several safaris, ranging from having to dig my own toilet to turn down service lodges, and I never tire of them. This place looks amazing though. And even though I’ve seen hundreds of elephants in several countries, and numerous other wee beasties, I never fail to get inspired with each new sighting. Amazing photos as well.


  4. I’m trawling your blog for holiday inspiration today Lesley for our silver wedding anniversary in October…..something memorable, something we’ve never done/experienced before and this safari in Namibia is ticking a lot of boxes right now! Currently we’ve hit stale mate with San Francisco v Japan…..I live in Queensland and have visited all the other states and territories and been on The Ghan through the middle, seen Uluru etc and would rather go somewhere completely different for a change! Anyone got any other suggestions to throw into the mix?! ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Great elephant shots. And sleeping outside is always a time for the imagination to thrive. I was laughing as I pictured you running out to push your bed in. I suspect adreniline was helping out. ๐Ÿ™‚ โ€“Curt


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  7. Loved reading about your safari experiences, and particularly about your encounter with the elephants. I have experienced similar joy in several different settings. There’s nothing like that.


  8. HA HA HA – a brilliant post Lesley! Seeing a desert-adapted elephant is really a special experience and one I don’t think you can ever tire of!
    Great shots of the ellies – better than any I have ever managed to get, and I am really enjoying reading your posts and seeing Namibia from an “outsider’s” perspective again!


  9. Awww *bragging* you still need the thrill of waking up in the morning in a flimsy tent and finding leopard tracks going in a circle round it!
    You have had a wonderful experience, for sure, and if you want to make quite sure you aren’t on the menu, who’s to blame you?


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  11. I was thinking…oh, how cool to be able to roll a bed outside to sleep. Then when I read on I decided maybe not. I would have done the same thing you did. Those are all fabulous pictures. Hugs


  12. Wonderful post. I am going to Namibia in August and can’t wait. No roll out beds that I know of but ecologically friendly hotels/camps. I love the elephants. I hope I am as lucky when I am there.


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