So This is What Heaven Looks Like – Grootberg Lodge, Namibia

Grootberg Lodge, Namibia

While offering comfortable accommodation, mouth-watering meals, high levels of service, and knowledgeable, trained guides to accompany guests on various activities, it’s the view at Grootberg Lodge that is heavenly.

Grootberg Lodge View, Namibia

The beauty and solitude of waking up to this made me want to stay in Namibia longer. My private rock and thatch chalet, to the right of the photo, held a lofty perch atop the Klip River Valley.

View from Grootberg Lodge, Namibia

I sat on patio chair watching the sun kiss the top of the mountain and wake up the rest of the valley. It was like doing morning yoga without any of the work. I was completely calm, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

The endless horizons blessed my day once more at sunset, but this time I experienced it from a cool, refreshing infinity pool.

Pool view at Grootberg Lodge, Namibia

At Grootberg, all I needed to do was show up. The natural surroundings took care of everything else.

Namibia was an awakening in travel. I’ll never look at the world in the same way again. I’m hooked on Africa.

51 thoughts on “So This is What Heaven Looks Like – Grootberg Lodge, Namibia

  1. Absolutely wonderful! My cousin and I are hoping for a safari next year. Once upon a time I lived in West Africa, which also is incredibly beautiful (chimpanzees!), but I never got to see the big mammals (giraffes, elephants, lions). Must go! Thanks for the pictures!


  2. When you said “I’m hooked on Africa,” I knew that I’d say the same thing . . . . I’ve always wanted to go there, but I’ve planned on Kenya/Tanzania or South Africa. Never thought of Namibia. Which part of Africa would you suggest for both wildlife and serene settings like this one?


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  4. I have been hooked on Africa in my mind for ages, someday I hope to actually make it there, and your photos are doing nothing to ease that desire! Beautiful place and beautiful shots, I’m jealous!


  5. I’m loving your posts on Nambia. This place holds magic for sure, & the lodge is unbelievably beautiful! I also love the eloquent way you describe the sunrises, & sunsets..


  6. I’m a born and bred African!! I miss the place and lately I’ve been toying with the idea of taking my family to see Namibia… this post may just be the final persuasion!!


  7. This is lovely! Thank you for strengthening my desire to go to Africa! Namibia is a country I wouldn’t have considered, so I am very grateful for your journey and post! I must add this to my bucket list.


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