Becoming Iron Woman with St. Thomas Flyboarding

Flyboarding St. Thomas, USVI

I seek adventures that scare me. Living life on the other side of my fears is the greatest reward possible. While in St. Thomas, USVI, I had the opportunity to try flyboarding over the pristine waters of Lindbergh Bay with St. Thomas Flyboarding. I was scared; heck, I was petrified. Flying 30 feet above the crystal blue waters, diving like a dolphin, or even trying a backflip or two all sound intimidating enough but strapping a water jetpack board to my feet while doing it is just plan insane. I’m not Ironman; these are things in movies and dreams about the future, right? Nope! It’s the here and now and I did it; and let me tell you – it is absolutely exhilarating, insane, and beyond awesome! My whole life I’ve actually been training to be Iron Woman without realizing it and St. Thomas Flyboarding let me put my skills into action.

The board was attached to my feet while my instructor went over the basics with me. It was connected by a long hose to a jet ski where water was forced to my boots with jet nozzles underneath. I could fly up to 15 metres in the air or dive headlong though the water, but all of that took skill and I wasn’t sure I would be successful at even standing up.

Once the boots were strapped on my feet, I laid in the water. The boots were turned on and I was thrust through the water, pulling the jet ski behind me. My recent kiteboarding lesson helped me feel more comfortable with being pulled or pushed quickly through the water. I didn’t feel overwhelmed when I was splashed in the face a few times and I welcomed the higher speeds. We went out about 50 feet before I started to fly. Even pulling the jet ski out was an adventure. I felt like a dolphin as I glided quickly over the water.

St. Thomas Fly Boarding, USVI

I got into position, with the board under my feet and my legs straight, and the thrust was turned up. Shakily, I rose up from the water. It was like combining surfing and snowboarding. I didn’t get my balance the first try but I had a reference in my mind and it gave me the confidence to stay focused. Sometimes when trying something extreme the first time, it’s so nerve-racking that it’s impossible to process it all. With previous water sport experience, I didn’t get over-whelmed.

St. Thomas Fly Boarding, USVI

Leaning forward proved more difficult than I anticipated and I fell back, hard, into the water a few times. I was so full of adrenaline, though, that I didn’t even really notice or slow down. Within the first three minutes, I was able to stand on the board while hovering about five feet out of the water. I shifted my weight from left to right as I learned how to turn.

St. Thomas Fly Boarding, USVI

I would have been pleased with just doing that for a half hour but my instructor asked if I wanted to try a dive. He explained the process and my heart began racing. I wasn’t sure if I was ready, but I listened attentively.

Without over-thinking it, I found a focal spot in the water and dove! Screaming with delight, I emerged from the water.

St. Thomas Fly Boarding, USVI

St. Thomas Flyboarding Dive

St. Thomas Flyboarding Dive

“Woohoo! That was ridiculous! Oh my God; I love it! I feel like a superhero.” 

St. Thomas Flyboarding

I didn’t manage to do any backflips, at least not intentionally or without in fact landing on my back, but it was still the ultimate adventure.

USVI, St. Thomas Flyboarding

My confidence in the water and my experience with several water adventures was definitely a bonus in helping me overcome the fear of flyboarding. I didn’t get discouraged when I fell face first, back first, or head first into the water. I didn’t give up when I couldn’t find my balance right away, and I didn’t worry about what was swimming around me while I floated in the water. Who knew that I was in training to be Iron Woman? Maybe I can land a role in the next movie. (I may need a few, dozen, more lessons before adding that to my bucketlist.)

56 thoughts on “Becoming Iron Woman with St. Thomas Flyboarding

    • There are a few different locations around the world to give it a try. My experience in St. Thomas was heightened because of the amazing staff though. You should add it to your list and make it a reality. It’s amazing; one of my favorites. 🙂


  1. Flyboarding is so much fun! We got to do it a month or two ago out at the Sand Island boat launch here in Oahu, and the guys were great. I want to go out and do it again and try some more dolphin diving!


      • They have nothing so fantastic around here. I live in Mississippi. There’s nothing too fun or extreme in this state, although it’s a nice state for several reasons. I’ve seen so many photos of it and my heart longs to experience that rush! I love to snow ski, water ski but I think that hover board would be the ultimate high.


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  3. I was going to read this yesterday but was unable to. Then I forgot. Now I see it again and I just suddenly realized why I had a dream about this last night, HA HA HAAAA!!!

    Flyboarding would be fun for me if it isn’t for the water as I am kind of scared of water still and don’t know how to swim. Meanwhile, I know I would have liked it as I’ve been trying a little bit of skateboarding, and just last week, longboarding. “Trying” is the keyword here as I’m nowhere even near amateur, he he. Anyway, I know flyboarding is still so much different so props to you!


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