Your Chance to Win a Free Jetpack America Flight in Newport Beach, California

Do you dream of flying a jetpack? Is it on your bucketlist? We want to help you make it a realty. 

Jetpack America Flight, Newport Beach, California

Flying a jetpack is the ultimate adventure. After my jetpack flight with Jetpack America in Newport Beach, California, I was left with feelings of euphoria. I felt like I could conquer anything and I was ready to explore a world of possibilities without restrictions.

In cooperation with Jetpack America, we’re giving away a free jetpack adventure in Newport Beach, California!


Jetpack America, California

Jetpack Flight Experience (25-Min Flight)

You’ll have a full 25 minutes of flight time to hone your skills. You’ll learn the basics of jetpack flight with your Certified Flight Instructor on the throttle, so you can be on your way to becoming a proficient jetpack pilot. Skills taught are steering, stability and elevation control, as well as the more advanced maneuvers such as walking on water, no-handed flying and underwater submarines. With most first-time pilots taking 5-10 minutes to learn the fundamentals, this package allows for more advanced flying and a max height of 25 feet.


Send a short email to [email protected] explaining why you should win this bucket list adventure. In the email, please include your name, general location, and a brief description as to why you deserve this great adventure. If you have a blog, please include a link to your blog as well. Please put Jetpack America Contest in the subject line of the email. (Get your email to me asap because this part of the contest closes one week from today.)


Ten finalists will be selected and given a profile page on Bucket List Publications. Readers will have one week to vote for their favorite contestant and a winner will be selected based on the highest number of votes.

****You must provide your own transportation to Jetpack America for this adventure. No accommodations, transportation, or meals will be included. ****

****You must book your Jetpack America experience within one year of winning.****

Check out Jetpack America to see amazing videos and photos of what they offer.

Last year, Chanel won a free skydiving package with Skydive San Diego. This year is your chance for a free extreme adventure. 

17 thoughts on “Your Chance to Win a Free Jetpack America Flight in Newport Beach, California

  1. I sat on the raft and watched as my daugher and her fiance did this in Cabo. It looked fun. They picked it up really quickly. Wish I was 20 years younger, I may have given it a try.


    • Woohoo! If you win, I’ll gladly do it with you… if you’d like? Or I can go as a cheerleader. While I won’t be picking the winner, I’d love to see someone win that has been following along for a while. I can’t wait to read your email.




      • I would LOVE to have you join me Lesley. Heaven knows this old girl might need some hand holding when we get to it! I will definitely give the email some thought and get it off to you in the next couple of days. So fun!! Thanks for the potential opportunity!


  2. Oh my this is wild. I photographed a man on one in the Allegheny River while the Pirates played baseball. I think more people were watching him.
    I could write a lovely essay as to why my son-in-law James should do this, Mr. Adventurer who enjoys that crazy skiing/snowboarding rush and expert waterskiing and all. Old Grandma will have to sit this one out. But I love your blog, your enthusiasm, your adventurous spirit. Inspiring!
    Ruth in Pittsburgh


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