Best Views in the US Virgin Islands

USVI Tourism

Every view in every direction was stunning. From lush mountain ranges to turquoise waters, the US Virgin Islands are picture perfect. Each of the three major islands has a unique character all its own. Fortunately, I was able to explore both St. Thomas and St. John during my 5 day vacation. I’ll have to make another trip back to experience St. Croix but the vistas on St. Thomas and St. John left me awe-struck and wanting more. Here are my favorite USVI views. 

Trunk Bay Beach, St. John

Turquoise waters and soft white sand made picturesque Trunk Bay one of the most  beautiful beaches on St. John.

Trunk Bay Beach, St. John, USVI

Whether from the beach or the mountain, their is no question that Trunk Bay is stunning.

Fort Views on St. John, USVI

Old forts might not sound like the best views on a tropical island but from the right angle, I peered into the heart of St. John’s natural beauty.

Bluebeard's Castle Resort St Thomas, VI

I didn’t even have to leave my hotel room to take in the turquoise waters or vibrant green mountains of the USVI. Bluebeard’s Castle Resort was the ideal perch for enjoying St. Thomas and Estate Lindholm in St. John provided similar viewing pleasure.

Estate Lindholm Views, St. JohnBelow the water, I was even more impressed. As I experienced SNUBA with Coral World, hundreds of colorful fish swam around me as if I belonged under water with them.

Coral World SNUBA

I wasn’t surprised that every resort had a view, but every restaurant had one as well. It just goes to show the true beauty of the islands; there is no bad view. While I ate dinner at Fat Turtle, I watched the cruise ships leaving the port for the evening and the sailboats resting peacefully in their slips.

Fat Turtle Restaurant, St. Thomas

Located on the highest point of St. Thomas, Mountain Top has stunning panoramic views of Magens Bay, St. John, and the British Virgin Islands from its expansive observation deck.

Mountain Top, St. Thomas

I was lost in a moment in time as I marveled at that view. The beauties of the world await us. We just need to open our eyes and explore.

46 thoughts on “Best Views in the US Virgin Islands

  1. I lost a contact lens in the waters of Trunk Bay long ago. I’ll have to get back there someday to find it. St. John is heaven on earth.


  2. Absolutely gorgeous pictures, Lesley! My husband and I have been meaning to get to the Virgin Islands one of these days, and your photos and stories are definitely moving it up on the list!


  3. Great post ~ brought back memories for me. I spent a lot of time as a teenager in St John and Virgin Gorda (I babysat for a family who lived on both islands).The Virgin Islands are so beautiful. I’ve only been to St Thomas for shopping but didn’t really do much exploring and St Croix is my least favorite (at the time the locals DID not welcome visitors). When I go back, it’s to visit St John!


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  5. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been trying to get a view of the Island but mostly have run across Tourist promos. This was a nice introduction to a place I’d like to visit one day.


  6. Thank you for giving us some experience at least of this beautiful place. Owing to hubby’s illness, travel insurance is ridiculously expensive so we have no chance of ever seeing these fabulous places. How wonderful the internet is when we can view such splendour through the eyes of others.


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  8. My first time in the Virgins was more than 30 years ago. I’ve been a lot of places since, but I always go back to St. John. If there was only one place I could travel, it would always be my first choice.


  9. When the jitney first let me out atop that highest point on St. Thomas, and I looked out to the distant islands of Virgin Gorda and the B.V.I’s, I said to myself, “THIS will be the more beautiful view I will ever see from any place on Earth!”, and after thirty years, that feeling still stands.


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