Let the Voting Begin – Jetpack America Contestants

Jetpack America Flight

In cooperation with Jetpack America, we’re giving away a free jetpack adventure in Newport Beach, California! We’ve chosen 6 contestants and you can vote for your favorite to win.

How to Vote:

Readers will have one week to vote for their favorite contestant and a winner will be selected based on the highest number of votes. You can see the contestants and vote by following this link. 

Last year, Chanel won a free skydiving package with Skydive San Diego. This year you could help someone win a jetpack flight with Jetpack America.

16 thoughts on “Let the Voting Begin – Jetpack America Contestants

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  2. What a cool idea! 🙂 I’ve been meaning to ask you a question forever, I’m going to Atlanta this weekend and I was just DYING to do the whale dive you blogged about a million years ago, but the dive is reserved for a private party. I’m heartbroken! What other “bucket list” items are there to check off in Atlanta?


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