Find Out Why I was Glad to be Sick on Vacation


I was deathly sick with a fever, runny nose, watery eyes, headache, ringing ears (made excessively worse by the flight), and sore throat, yet I was grateful to be sick during my four day trip to Panama and Westin Playa Bonita. Why would anyone want to have the flu on vacation? The answer is simple; I was traveling alone and I have a toddler daughter at home. 

The room, with its black-out curtains, crisp whit linens on a king-sized bed, and huge soaking tub was just what the doctor ordered. I laid in a hot bubble bath for at least thirty minutes before climbing into bed and listening to the sound of the waves below.

Soaking Tub Westin Playa Bonita

The next morning, I ordered room service and quietly ate on my own in the Westin’s robe and slippers. Everything was on my own schedule and calming. I was stuffed up and groggy; the rest was critical.

Breakfast at Westin Playa Bonita

Peppermint tea was my only company on the private balcony that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. It was warm enough outside that even though I had a chill, I still felt comforted. I relaxed there, drinking the throat-soothing tea, for an hour while I waited for the medication to kick in.

Westin Playa Bonita Pool Location

Activities were planned for me, but nothing too extreme and a spa treatment was part of my package. Sensory Spa’s Vitality Pool was like a mother’s love, warm and soothing and the massage loosened up my aching muscles.

Sensory Spa Westin Playa Bonita, Panama

My all-inclusive package included several restaurant choices for dinner. With Minestrone Soup as a starter option, I opted for the Starfish Grill on the night that I felt most sick. There’s nothing like soup to help fight a cold.

Minstrone Soup at Starfish Grill, Westin Playa Bonita

No one wants to be sick. It’s miserable, but if I have to be sick somewhere, it might as well be a place that offers comfort foods like soup that are prepared for me, hot bubble baths, room-service, massages, a huge bed, and fluffy robes. I hate being away from Athena, but being the mother of a toddler is demanding. There’s no time to be sick; there’s usually not even time to shower. Forget being sick! I was grateful to get the worst of it over before returning home to my beautiful, happy, loving (yet very active) daughter. Sometimes being sick on vacation isn’t that bad.

35 thoughts on “Find Out Why I was Glad to be Sick on Vacation

    • Thanks, Cheryl.

      I’m still not feeling 100% and we leave for Germany tomorrow. Hopefully the flight won’t be too bad on my ears since I’m still stuffed up. Athena is joining me on this trip so I don’t think I’ll be getting a lot of sleep regardless 😉


      • I have a problem with flying private and commerical with my ears and the plane when descending. If the descent is too many feet per minute my ears cause piercing pain. Chewing gum does not help! It is difficult traveling with a toddler feeling 100% MY THOUGHTS ARE WITH YOU! Cheryl.


  1. Lesley, I been reading your post as they come almost daily. You keep on moving on and it is great to see you find the time to let your community know how you are doing. Let me know if you follow me. Things can be going on that I share also. Not always dramatic I have to say. Take care, Nsasi


  2. Sorry to hear you were sick, but it sounds like everything ended up alright. Now, for some unwanted advice for your cold 🙂 Neti pot a few times before you leave to help clear the nasal passages and take some sudafed- the real stuff with pseudo-ephedrine in it that you have to sign for at a pharmacy- as much as possible before you leave (and take some with) to help decongest. It should help with the pressure in your ears and sinuses. Safe and healthy travels!


  3. I’ve been sick at AI’s before. There is nothing better than being waited on hand and foot with no worries while you are sick. In one instance, the kitchen staff hunted down ginger root for me to make a tea!


  4. I’m so sorry you were sick, but you are right, you couldn’t have had better timing! Thanks for taking the time to read my little ole blog while you were down and out. It looks like you are living life to the fullest. Fun to follow! Thanks again. – T


  5. I think sometimes, because we are so desperately busy, that our bodies wait to break down when there is down time, so we can relax and heal for a while. Or conversely, that because we are so desperately busy, our bodies break down anyway, to
    force us to relax and heal…… Yes. It was very convenient for you that you could do that in so much comfort… 🙂 Lovely.


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