Making Videos with GoPro Studio

Hilton Waikoloa, Hawaii

We have been shooting tons of video footage over the last few years, but it’s been wasting away on a hard drive, unseen and unedited. GoPro Studio is a quick and easy solution to the problem. We’ve gone through a few of our trips and used the GoPro Studio Templates to create short video reminders of the fun we’ve been having. 

It’s a simple, three step process:

1. Go through video and photo clips and select the highlights you want to use. Set a in and out point and hit Convert Clip. It will be added to a queue. You can pull multiple highlights from the same clip or set the start and end point in a general area and make adjustments later. Once you’ve gone through all the footage and pulled out your favorite clips, you convert the whole queue at once.

You can use photo and video footage not taken with your GoPro in the program. If you have another camera used for vlogging on Youtube, a compact camera, or a DSLR, you can use that footage in the program as well.

2. Hit Templates and choose from a list of 4 preloaded templates or download 9 more options. They are templates for some of GoPro’s most popular videos so the options are awesome. Each video tells you how long the finished video will be and how many separate cuts go into it. Choose the one that best matches the amount of footage you have and the length you’d like. Once you’ve picked the template you want the editing process begins. The timeline is pre-populated with GoPro’s clips from the original video. Each of those clips has a bullseye on it, which means you can place one of your highlights onto that clip and replace it. Once it’s in there, you can drag the start point around within the clip, so you make sure the best part is included.

3. Once all of GoPro’s clips are replaced with yours, click Export. You’re now ready to upload it to wherever you want.

Here’s an example from our trip to St. Lucia. The entire video, from start to finish, took about 25 minutes.

Have you used GoPro Studio to create videos? Share your favorite vacation video or photo below. Let’s get those memories off of our hard drives and back into our minds.

It’s time we upgrade our GoPro to a newer version and I found an excellent review of the GoPro Hero 6 Camera. It’s on my wish list.

21 thoughts on “Making Videos with GoPro Studio

  1. Nice job! I have a Hero3, about 1 1/2 yrs old. All my vids seem to come out shaky, even after I’ve run them through GP Studio and YouTube software. Any ideas? With what resolution do you get best results? Thx.


  2. This made me smile broadly and it was lovely to hear you voice and I wish I could hear more of you and your hubby speaking and having fun. Because I have made up my own version of your voice in my head. For me this was definately the best post of yours I have ever seen. You have become real Lesley. Sharing you vibrancy and energy – love and fun. By yourself and with your hubby. Beautiful!!!!! I’d like to see more… Come stay with me in England. 🙂


  3. Thanks for all the info on the GoPro! I’m excited about it because we are purchasing a GoPro for our geek grandson for Christmas, & since I really can’t justify one for myself, I’m really excited for him. Oh wait, do I really need to justify something so fun? You made me realize I need my own GrPro also! Thank you for that.


  4. I really liked your blog post especially your opening sentance “We have been shooting tons of GoPro footage over the last few years, but it’s been wasting away on a hard drive, unseen and unedited.” I thought your video was great, good to see it being showen to the world! If you wanted to learn more about GoPro Studio you can check out a load of free tutorials on we have loads of videos going up weekley. Thanks again!


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