What Our Life Looks Like on WordPress Vs. What Our Actual Life Looks Like

Adventure City Balloon Ride

I’ve been seeing a lot of actual versus reality posts floating around lately so I thought I’d share a quick example with you:

What our life looks like on wordpress:

Adventure City Roller Coaster

What our life looks like in real life:

Adventure City Roller Coaster

(This was Athena’s first roller coaster ride and she actually really enjoyed it and wanted to go on again. I managed to catch a fear-stricken moment on video though that made me question taking her back on.)

32 thoughts on “What Our Life Looks Like on WordPress Vs. What Our Actual Life Looks Like

  1. I loved the real photo and the fact – you seeing the look on her face made you question taking her on again. Although having listened to how you deal with fear, I am sure you will ensure your daughter is psychologically as safe as can be! Great Photo of you both 🙂

    * I’m not seeing these posts come up on wordpress for some reason. Hmmm… will need to check it out 🙂


  2. Are you sure she enjoyed it…maybe she was just scared at first and then realized hey I actually like this. Fear will do this to you sometimes….all the time.


  3. All mass media constructs reality. We shape the message by the way we take the image, the subject we choose, and how we deliver/transmit the image. Together the real and the actual combine to reveal truth & life. The child’s experience, like all human experience, is not one thing. . ………………. At least she didn’t Hurl during or after. 😀


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