Happiness at Club Med Cancun

Cancun Views from Club Med

I spent the last three days at Club Med Cancun and there are so many great activities and opportunities that I’ve been going non-stop. I haven’t even thought about posting. I’ve been too busy windsurfing, kayaking, sailing, swimming, snorkeling, swinging on the trapeze, dancing, singing, and partying to send a post. There’s so much to come, I don’t know where to start but I wanted to share a sample of my trip so far. In only two full days, this is what I was able to accomplish. What draws you the most?

30 thoughts on “Happiness at Club Med Cancun

    • I thought it would be impossible to fit them all in but with a lot of planning and constant movement, I managed to do everything I wanted to do in only 4 days. Next time, I can spend more time with my favorites. 🙂


  1. I would say the fact that you were able to do SO MUCH in such a short time! Amazing! How do you manage to get to do all of these cool and incredible things? (the trapeze would be so cool to try, as long as they would give me several attempts;))


    • Most of my trips are sponsored by the company or tourism agency. This trip was for the grand opening of their family suites. There were around 200 media and travel related agencies there to cover the event. It was an amazing experience and an eye-opener to how many great activities are available at all Club Med resorts. It’s fantastic! Every day while I was there, I woke up early, planned my day from start to finish, and took advantage of the huge list of some of my favorite activities. I think I need a vacation from my vacation 😉


  2. I spent some of my honeymoon at Club Med Cancun 33 years ago. It really is about the activities for those who really love water sports. I hope they’ve improved the water situation and you don’t live on bottled water. So many people got sick. But, I grant you it is a piece of heaven.


    • I drank the water daily including a glass in the morning to take medication, brushing my teeth, and a water bottle during the day for activities. I filled it from the tap and never felt any sickness the entire trip or now. I can say first-hand that they water is not a problem.

      What was your favorite Club Med activity?


      • As I told you it was 33 years ago and there were only a handful of hotels in Cancun. They must have clean water now. That’s great!

        Snorkeling. Water so clear. They didn’t have a trapeze either. That would have been amazing!


        • The snorkeling is amazing there. I love the serenity of floating in the water surrounded by tropical fish and beautiful coral. It’s like a dream.

          Do you think you’d try the trapeze? The instruction beforehand is a huge help. They really know what they are doing.

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