Jaw-Droppingly Beautiful Villa at Windjammer Landing, St. Lucia

Windjammer Landing Estate Villa

When we drove up to the front doors, I couldn’t believe this was my villa for the next week. This must have been what Cinderella felt like during her first night in the castle with Prince Charming. I’ve visited dozens upon dozens of resorts, but nothing could have prepared me for what I saw at Windjammer Landing today. The luxurious estate villas are like peering into the lives of Lifestyles of the Rich ans Famous.  Would you like a tour? 

Back View of the Villa at Windjammer Landing

My four-bedroom estate villa is equipped with it’s own private infinity pool. Featuring unparalleled space for socializing and relaxing in open-air comfort, this luxurious villa is the ultimate getaway.

Isn’t this what every woman dreams of for her wedding day?

Backyard at Windjammer Landing Villa

Then imagine the liberating feeling of having complete privacy in this magical setting.

Private Pool at Windjammer Landing

This tranquil retreat includes one king-size bedroom, one queen-size bedroom, two twin-size bedrooms and an office. Complete with ceiling fans, air-conditioning throughout, a fully-equipped kitchen, dining room and living room, full-sized, infinity swimming pool, yard, and sun deck, the inside amenities match the outside beauty.

Dining Room at Windjammer Landing Villa

Livingroom at Windjammer Landing Villa

Bedrooms at Windjammer Landing Villa

The pièce de résistance is the endless ocean view from all directions.

View from Master Bedroom at Windjammer Landing

This is not your average accommodations and I’m sure it does’t come with an average price tag, but there are those few special moments in your life where Windjammer Landing Estate Villas would be the ideal fit. A wedding, an anniversary, a special birthday… life should be enjoyed with extended family and friends regularly, but sometimes you have to add the life-changing, glorious surroundings. When I think of exquisite luxury, I will constantly refer back to this moment in time. Windjammer Landing has set the bar.

20 thoughts on “Jaw-Droppingly Beautiful Villa at Windjammer Landing, St. Lucia

  1. wow. ok, one question. are a butler and a driver included in the rental of the villa? as this would be a dream vacation spot for me if they would include them 🙂


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