5 Spectacular Sunset Photos from Windjammer Landing, St. Lucia

Sunset at Windjammer Landing - Estate Villa 406

St. Lucia’s Windjammer Landing has left me speechless. We’ve enjoyed the barefoot luxury, amazing entertainment, adventure, culture, and cuisine, but the sunsets are what make Windjammer Landing truly spectacular.  Here’s a treat for the senses with 5 spectacular sunset photos from Windjammer Landing.

One – The Newly Renovated Beach at Sunset 

Windjammer Landing Beach Sunset

Two: Mountains, Ocean, & Setting Sun Blessing the Entire Resort

Sunset at Windjammer Landing from our Villa

Three: Private Estate Villa Views 

Sunset at Windjammer Landing

Four: Private Estate Villa Pool and Ocean View

Windjammer Landing Private Pool View

Five: Private Estate Villa Gazebo at Sunset  

Private View at Windjammer Landing

Which one draws you? 

37 thoughts on “5 Spectacular Sunset Photos from Windjammer Landing, St. Lucia

  1. Hi Lesley,
    I choose the beach as I would like to go and bury my head in the sand!!!!!

    I’ve just changed over from wordpress.com to travelwiththestrings.com and lost all the shares and likes, brought about from my hard work of the past year. Could do with some warm sunshine to help me get over it!
    A seriously down in the mouth Janice


    • Oh… I understand. I was in the same situation when I switched. I was devastated. It’s a step in the right direction though and you will eventually build a better audience with the new name. 🙂 I’ll head over there and start liking 😉

      Liked by 1 person

          • Thanks Lesley, I appreciate you taking the time and hope you enjoyed what you were reading! 🙂
            I find what you have to say interesting about the places you stay as well as love seeing the locations you visit – your observations with your daughter and the recognition of the way your psyche looks at adventure. Always interesting.


  2. One of Florida’s most beautiful spots to view Sunsets are in Key West, Fl. at Mallory Point (sometimes called Mallory Square) It is by far the most majestic I personally have ever seen! They are just spectacular sights. Glad you enjoyed yours! Cheryl


    • Athena and I spent hours playing in that pool together. Even after the sun went down, we stayed and played. I loved having our own pool and had forgotten how much I love the privacy when swimming.


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