Experience it all at Windjammer Landing, St. Lucia

Family vacations don’t have to be boring. Traveling with toddler can be as adventurous as traveling solo if you’re creative and use the resources available. Athena and I just returned from the luxurious Windjammer Landing in St. Lucia where we were able to visit a waterfall, ride a catamaran, snorkel in the ocean, swim in the pool, kayak the bay, do the limbo, and run along the beach. I also rode “Big Mama”, toured the bay and snorkeled, played on the ocean trampoline, and water-skied while Athena enjoyed the Jacquot Fun Club, made her own tie dye t-shirt, danced, sang, and played with other kids. I was able to manage all of this in one week as a solo parent with a toddler; Windjammer Landing makes it possible for anyone.

14 thoughts on “Experience it all at Windjammer Landing, St. Lucia

  1. This sounds like our kind of family vacation – non-stop fun! I took a solo trip earlier in the year with my 3 year old and 5 year old to an AI resort in Turks & Caicos. These types of resorts certainly do make for a relaxing (yes, even with two kids) and fun vacation when traveling with kids. Will have to check-out Windjammer next year if I decide to do another trip without the hubs.


  2. Lesley,
    Your smile truly brings a smile to my face, when I see you enjoying yourself and to take your daughter along on your adventures – how wonderful.
    I travelled the world with my kids and its the best gift I gave them – my baby (who is 19 by the way) I am picking up from Heathrow Airport on thursday morning. She has been training to be a padi divemaster in Thailand. Not the usual work or training for a girl from the south east of england. And from a business perspective – oh what joy and opportunities will unfold as Athena grows. Your very lucky…. Keep smiling and filming – I like to see y’all moving!!!!!! 🙂 J


  3. When my children were young we never had the resources or funds to travel internationally, but we certainly did a lot of driving, in our VW bus, all over the country. Since we lived in Hawai’i it was costly just to get off the island. It was such a fun time for all of us.


  4. This gives me hope! Kids just didn’t happen for so long now we’re questioning a lifestyle change, but if we can manage as well as you it won’t be much of a change at all.


  5. Well, quite happy to find out that you’ve visited St. Lucia and enjoyed the experience! I’m originally from there (born and raised) and am quite familiar with Windjammer. Hope to be escaping the winter in Canada and soaking in some sun myself later this year!


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