Another Disney Bucket List Dream is About to Come True – Disney On Ice

Minnie's Royal Ball

Growing up in eastern Canada, I had lots of reminders of the upcoming holiday season. I could just look out the window and the feet of ice and snow was usually a good indication that Christmas was almost upon us. While I made up for it with sledding and ice skating, I truly longed for the elaborate celebrations in other parts of the world. Oh how I wanted to see a professional ballet production of The NutcrackerΒ or The Macy’s Parade. And even more than those, I wanted to go to Disney On Ice. Alas, they were just frozen pipe dreams; things like that didn’t exist in Cape Breton. Now that we live in California, I’m a short drive to the snow and even a shorter drive to Disney On Ice. I say we’re going to the production for Athena, but honestly… it’s all for me. Merry Christmas to me; oh and Athena, another Disney bucket list dream is about to come true.Β 

Mickey and Minnie, Disney On Ice

Disney On Ice is the only ice party with all of Athena’s, ahem my, favorite Disney friends. Let’s be honest here, all new mothers are going as much for themselves as for their kids. What little girl (or little girl at heart) doesn’t want to see the Disney Princesses, including Cinderella, Ariel (my personal favorite), and Tiana, singing and dancing in a winter wonderland on ice? Add Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald and Goofy and the entire family will be happily celebrating together. Darren won’t admit it, but I bet he’s totally into it as well. I watch him singing and dancing to Frozen when he thinks I’m not paying attention. Sometimes Athena isn’t even in the room. (Sorry I let the cat out of the bag if you’re reading this Darren.)

Disney On Ice Birthday_FINAL

Since I’ve been covering a lot of Disney experiencing lately, including Disneyland and Disney Aulani, I asked for press tickets to the celebration. Not only did I get tickets, but I found out about a great deal for families as well. You can get a Family Four-Pack of Tickets for $80. Just use the offer code: MOM14.

Ironically, my holiday dreams are coming true in California. I’ll be attending both Disney On Ice and The Nutcracker and hopefully making them a holiday tradition for our family. What other festivals, events, and celebrations are a must in the SoCal area? We’d like to add a few more to the festive roster. Share your suggestions below. Our tree is up, the lights are on, and we’re ready to celebrate!

18 thoughts on “Another Disney Bucket List Dream is About to Come True – Disney On Ice

  1. Having grown up in Long Beach, you’ve come to the right place. πŸ™‚ The Rose Parade, the various holiday boating parades up and down the cost, ice skating in San Diego, Los Posdas at Olvera Street in LA, and the Hollywood Christmas Parade.


  2. Every parent enjoys all of the shows, Disney characters, and movies for kids. Yeah, it is one way we can become a child again, behave like a child, and enjoy like a child. Of course, this can also be a grandchild and you get to have fun all over again. Happy Holidays.


  3. My favorite Disney On Ice that I saw with my kids was Finding Nemo πŸ™‚ I think the Queen Mary has a special winter event called CHILL- you probably wouldn’t need it, but there is a Groupon for it where you stay a night on the Queen Mary and have access to CHILL( I think igloos, ice sculptures, ice slides and Santa Claus are some of the highlights). I’ve never done it, but it sounds kind of neat- I’ve been to the Queen Mary, but never spent the night. Also, I seem to remember some kind of boat parade at Newport Beach where all of the boats are decorated for Christmas.


  4. I was in high school when we first saw Disney on Ice. We had to go all the way to Des Moines, Iowa to see it. (We lived in North Iowa.) The theme was Bedknobs and Broomsticks. It was back in about 1973. One of my most vivid memories of my youth.


  5. Just spent 4 days last week, 10 hours a day, at Disneyland, our 6th trip with my two and four year old granddaughters this year. The French au pair was along as well–a treat for her to see our Disneyland after growing up on Disneyland Paris. The four year old is fearless and went on every ride she is tall enough for including Tower of Terror! The two year old as usual was on the prowl for big furry creatures to hug and get her photo taken with. Best week of the year to be there because the beautiful Christmas holiday decorations are up and the lines are short. Disneyland at this time of year is not to be missed. And, yes, they’ve seen Disney on Ice many times.


  6. What a wonderful article. I really am so happy to see a fellow Canadian living her dream, and living it large. Plus, like myself (who was originally from the prairies in Manitoba), you have moved to the West Coast, although I finally settled back here in Vancouver with you settling quite a bit further south. I did, however, have plenty of experience with your current Bucket List entry, since leaving home at the age of 12 or 13, I spent the next 13, 10-month seasons, working and being raised by a bunch of really great, though at times somewhat odd, collection of people on the world’s largest traveling carnival, Royal American Shows. So though it’s not quite the same as Disney On Ice, your pictures and the post did bring back a lot of fond memories, and for that I thank you. So I hope you have a great day, keep on writing, and I’ll read you later.


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