5 Shades of Trump

Trump Hotel Waikiki

Thirty-eight stories high and overlooking the emerald waters of Waikiki Beach, Trump Hotel Waikiki is a spectacular sight to behold. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Diamond Head, the Honolulu skyline, and the magnificent Ko`olau Mountains, Trump is 5 shades of awesome. Rather than trying to explain the views, I captured my favorites in photos. From sunrise to well beyond sunset, here are the views from Trump Waikiki.

Honolulu view from Trump Waikiki

From the 24th floor of Trump Hotel Waikiki, the Ko`olau Mountains frame my view.

The rest of Waikiki surrounds me and is within my sights.

The rest of Waikiki surrounds me and is within my sights.

Trump Waikiki Sunset

When the sun starts to set, the sky is alive with color.

Trump Waikiki Pool at Night

It’s not so bad from the infinity pool on the 6th floor either.

Waikiki at Nigth from Trump Hotel

At night, the city is alive with golden hues and moonlit mountains.

What do you look for in a good hotel?  Each hotel that I visited in Oahu has something impressive to offer, but the views from Trump Waikiki can’t be beat. I prefer the Five Shades of Trump to Fifty Shades of Grey.  

17 thoughts on “5 Shades of Trump

  1. Stunning views! I like different things in a hotel on different holidays – sometimes cheap, sometimes central, sometimes luxurious, sometimes away from it all. But regardless, it is often the staff that can make a difference between a fantastic hotel and a less than satisfactory one. That and a clean bathroom…


  2. Hi Lesley,
    This has made me think!
    What do I like in a hotel?
    Boutique, intimate hotels are what I normally look for but San Blas on Tenerife (if you check out my posts) which had over 300 rooms it managed to create the right vibe,
    due to the layout it felt like you were in your own quarter. So sometimes it just depends. Although in reality the site was quite sprawling. The personal touch, background knowledge and personal, thoughtful care and attention from the staff is also a must on my list.


  3. It’s been almost 40 years since I’ve been to Honolulu and the other islands. I was startled by how commercialized it was then. Can’t imagine so many years later, but long to go back. Beautiful photos.


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