Bucket List Publications Needs Your Submissions

Bark Europa at Port

22 days at sea without internet access; it’s hard to believe that’s actually something I signed up for. Will I be suffering from withdrawals or liberated from online chains? Only time will tell. While I think I will find other life-changing things to do with my time, Bucket List Publications will not unless I ask for help. 

From January 11, 2015 to February 2, 2015, I will be part of the Bark Europa sailing crew on a voyage to Antarctica and I will not have internet for the entire time. Rather than leaving the site empty during that time, I’d like to ask readers to submit their travel and adventure articles to us for consideration and publication. From now until January 3, 2015, I will accept submissions. I will publish 6 of my favorites based on which ones align best with our direction and content.

Please submit your original, unpublished articles to [email protected] with the title SUBMISSION in the headline. Your story must have at least 3 photos (and no more than 8), be unique content (not published on your site or other sites), and focus on travel or adventure. I will choose 6 of my favorites and share them on bucketlistpublications.org with a direct link to your own website/blog.

We have an international audience with hundreds of thousands of readers each month. If you submission is chosen, I will notify you on or before January 4th, 2015. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I look forward to sharing your stories on Bucket List Publications.

42 thoughts on “Bucket List Publications Needs Your Submissions

  1. I was on a 120-mile trek in Bhutan. It took maybe two days, but then I settled into the natural rythm. It was absolutely LIBERATING. I began noticing so many things my otherwise digitally distracted life is missing. I recommend everybody disconnect occasionally to reconnect with Earth.

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  2. Sounds like a great trip. Consider taking some Fabrese with you. We were unable to go ashore in Antarctica last January, but two women who did told us they couldn’t get the smell of penguin guano out of their clothes.


  3. Enjoy your unique opportunity to visit this vast wilderness.You wont need the internet just enjoy fully every NOW as I am sure you will. Regarding what you pack or don’t – know that it is all perfect – as it is. Especially tailored for you. YOUR PRESENCE on this most extraordinary journey is all you require!
    I am so glad you have brought it to my attention – years ago i felt I’d like to go but dropped it. I know Now that I will definitely be going – in the world of ‘All Things Are Possible’ this has got to BE! So thank you Lesley for triggering’ this trip to be for me!’
    Thank you also for following my posts and indicating your ‘likes’.
    It is wonderful that you have offered this opportunity to your readers to contribute on your site. i’ll have to let it pass as i feel all is published on my own blog. Nevertheless thank you!


  4. I can’t wait to hear all about your trip, when you return. Sorry I missed this opportunity, but I look forward to reading the stories you choose! Thinking about you, Lesley, as you prepare for the trip of a lifetime. Truly: trip. of. a. lifetime! hugs. xox


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