The End of the World – Ushuaia, Argentina

Ushuaia Downtown View

After more than 24 hours of flying and airports, I arrived in Ushuaia, Argentina. I’m here for one more day then I step onto Bark Europa & into a whole new world. Rather than wasting any time, even though I’m exhausted both physically and mentally, I decided to trek to Martial Glacier, explore downtown, and hike to the top of Ushuaia to get a full view of the city. My day was full, but it was totally worth it. 

The mountains surround Ushuaia. It’s breathtaking. Jagged peaks topped with stark white snow fill my view. It reminds me of Innsbruck, Austria.

I walked 7 km outside the city to reach Martial Glacier. I could have taken a taxi but the hike was half of the adventure and I saw stunning beauty along the way.

Downtown Ushuaia, Argentina

Across the street from the port is the best place to get an ocean level view of the city with the mountainscape behind.

It also puts the ocean, littered with ships, in the foreground.

Beached Ship in Ushuaia

To reach the glacier, visitors must go up the winding street bearing the same name. There are several trek options once you get there but all of the views are worth the journey.

Glacier in Ushuaia

Round trip, it took me over four hours from Hosteria Patagonia Jarke to Martial Glacier. And if that doesn’t sound long enough, freezing rain and high winds followed me back to the city center.

I couldn’t stop at the hotel when I returned though. It was only a few more blocks to reach the top of the city and look down on all of Ushuaia so I did it.

The rain had stopped but the dark clouds loomed overhead. It was like looking at a postcard for Argentina. I stood, alone, in a small park at the top of the end of the world. While I tried to catch my breath, the sun beamed out from behind the clouds and a ray shone down on my feet. I was being rewarded for my trek. This moment was glorious.

Views from the Top of Ushuaia It’s now 10 pm the night before I set of to the most remote place in the world – Antarctica. I’m filled with anticipation, anxiety, wonder, and excitement all rolled into one, but I’m just too stinking tired to think about it any more. I will rest well tonight.


I will visit this unspoiled, natural environment from January 11th-February 1st, 2015. It will be my first 2015 bucket list item and most likely one of the greatest adventures of my life. Thankfully, I have three amazing sponsors to help me with the costs and gear associated with this type of travel. Without Bark Europa, Whitecaps Marine, and Pilotur, this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity wouldn’t be possible.

57 thoughts on “The End of the World – Ushuaia, Argentina

  1. Beautiful photos and story. And, what a great experience! The closest I’ve ever been to Antarctica was doing a marketing campaign to try and win a contract there. 🙂 Look forward to reading your stories…truly a once in a lifetime experience!


  2. Ushuaia….a beautiful word to say out loud and a beautiful town to wander, glaciers, parque nacional Tierra del Fuego, the Beagle Channel. I have fond memories of my visit to Ushuaia in 2000. Enjoy being at the end of the world 🙂


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