Arrived in Mauritius – Discovering a Tropical Paradise

Belle Mare Plage Restaurant

After two 12 hour flights, Athena and I have arrived in Mauritius for a family vacation. We were exhausted yesterday but managed to take a few photos and have a nice dinner before heading to bed. Our schedule is packed full of family fun adventures and unique experiences so stay tuned for 9 days in a tropical Paradise.Β 

While we’re here, we’ll be staying at Constance Belle Mare Plage andΒ Constance Le Prince. We didn’t get to explore the first property too much yesterday but have a full day tomorrow to stay, play, and relax. We did take a few photos of the pools here before it got too late.

Here is the main pool from the reception area. One of my favorite views at any hotel is when the ocean sits just in front of the pool and they are the same color. Stunning!

Belle Mare Plage Pool

We haven’t gone in for a dip yet but we’ll be sure to make our way in today. It’s going to be a hot, sunny day so we’ll have plenty of opportunity.

At night, we enjoyed La Citronnelle’s buffet and a walk around the grounds before climbing into our king-sized bed and drifting off to dreamland.

Belle Mare Plage at Night

Belle Mare Plage Suite

The lineup for this trip includes a photo safari, petting zoo, submarine, catamaran, crocodile park, beaches, pools, and a few surprises. Athena is already asking if she can pet lions and swim with dolphins. I’m going to have my hands full with this adventurous child.

40 thoughts on “Arrived in Mauritius – Discovering a Tropical Paradise

      • I must say I have never been but after seeing the wonderful information you are sharing I can definitely say it is on my list of places to see. At this point I can’t even seem to make it to my house in Florida for a little fun in the sun 😦


  1. Been to over 70 countries.. Mauritius is one of my favorite for the attention to service and the excellence in accommodations. While the General populations has command of 3 languages (French, English and Hindi) most in the tourism industry speak a fourth as well. The Model Ship Building craftsmen are exceptional and when I was there I found great bargains on Cashmere garments. The Crab is usually caught that day and is delicious. Never liked in USA again after that. I stayed at the Le Prince Maurice for vaca.. and Labordonaise for business, Staff is always friendly, helpful and courteous. I am certain you will enjoy. HAVE FUN!

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  2. Totally envious, as have worked with a number of Mauritius crew, but never yet made it for a visit. Definitely on the bucket list for our future travels. Looking forward to your future posts.


  3. Reblogged this on RoadNet Travel and commented:
    Mauritius will enchant you, will uplift your soul, making you feel that you belong to the chosen few. Every visitor enjoys personal attention. Every encounter is an opportunity to discover a friendly face. Behind each smile lies the promise of a unique holiday. The contrast of a multitude of colours and tastes, the island, set in its turquoise sea, is an oasis of peace and tranquillity. Mauritius, a melting pot where past and present are smoothly blended together, offers an essential beauty that will compel to return to its shores time and time again. May your stay with us remain engraved in your memory forever.


  4. It sure looks beautiful and will look forward to future posts and Athena’s reaction. When I first looked at the picture couldn’t over the extreme from Antarctica to Mauritius temperature wise. Won’t get cold swimming here πŸ™‚


  5. Lovely! We’ve never been to Mauritius and we’ve haven’t stayed on anything classier than a backpacker’s inn or bread and breakfast! Hehehe! Hopefully one day, we can try staying in a first class resort like this. πŸ™‚


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