Life is a Celebration at Constance Le Prince Maurice

Constance Le Prince Maurice

Five star luxury resorts don’t have to be for adults only. At almost three years old, Athena is a girly, girl. She loves to dress up and get her hair done. Regardless if we’re hiking a mountain or attending a luxury event, she wants to wear a tutu or a princess dress and have her hair braided or in a ballerina bun. She loves having her nails painted and she is obsessed with shoes. She’s always up for an adventure but she likes to do it in style. Visiting a place like Constance Le Prince Maurice in Mauritius can be as much a treat for her as it is for any adult. While we were at the resort, we feasted on exceptional cuisine, slept in a dreamlike suite, played at the Constance Kids’ Club, splashed in the infinity pool, and pampered ourselves at the spa. Le Prince Maurice made us feel like we were at a celebration of life and wellness every day of the week. 

Our luxurious suite was elegantly decorated in spice tones with a splash of Mauritian warmth. The bedroom was full of special gifts for both Athena and I including a fan, a bottle of Mauritian rum (for me only obviously), beach toys, a beach bag, chocolates, and a Constance Kids’ Club t-shirt. Inspired by Feng Shui principles to create the perfect sense of harmony, all beds at Le Prince Maurice stand high above floor level. Athena climbed up by using the bench at the foot of the bed. She was engulfed by the puffy pillows and soft linens as she opened her gifts and talked about how she was going to use them all. We were in a heaven of luxury.

Suite at Constance Le Prince Maurice

After full days of touring the country, swimming, and enjoying spa services, we finished each day with a bath. The massive soaking tub was a treat for Athena and then an equal treat for me when she went to sleep. She swam in the bubbles and played with her toys. Her blow-up Mauritian Dodo Bird was an ideal companion, while I enjoyed the solitude of a hot bath while she slept.

Bathroom at Le Prince

Luxurious doesn’t mean boring or stuffy. There are two pools at Le Prince Maurice. One pool is more of a quiet area but the main pool is the most stunning infinity pool fit for family fun. Steps provided a place for Athena to play and me to relax and the swim-up bar allowed us to stay hydrated without even getting out of the pool.

Pool at Constance Le Prince Maurice

Pool Fun at Constance Le Prince

While the Kids’ Club is for children between the ages of 4-11, parents can attend the club with their younger children. The Constance Kids’ Club includes a swimming pool, an outdoor stage for talent shows, a trampoline, a play yard with a slide and swings, video games, film screenings, introduction to tennis, introduction to golf, water games, mini-bowling, beach-volleyball, and fishing. We started each day by jumping on the trampoline and having pretend cupcakes. And don’t assume it was just Athena; I’m a big kid too.

Kids' Club at Constance

Big Kid at Constance Kids' Club

Cupcakes at Constance Le Prince Maurice

As much as I like to play and be a kid, Athena likes to be pampered like an adult. USpa is a wellness and beauty temple, a unique haven dedicated to relaxation. Its secluded location away from the bustling parts of the resort is ideal to enjoy exclusive treatments in complete serenity. A whole range of treatments are available for adults and children. While I had a Signature U-Experience Massage, Athena enjoyed a relaxing massage and had her nails painted. Side by side in the couples’ treatment room, we kept smiling at each other with pure joy.

USpa at Constance Le Prince Maurice

Child Treatments at USpa

The casual chic dress code at all Le Prince Maurice restaurants encourages guests to dress in their best clothes. For breakfast and lunch, swimwear, bikinis, beach sandals, sarongs, and T-shirts are not accepted, with the exception at the pool’s deck and on the beach. For dinner, T-shirts, shorts, blue jeans, sandals, and sports shoes are not allowed in their restaurants. We saw staying at the resorts like a celebration. Like any other major celebration like a wedding or anniversary party, you wouldn’t wear those things so they shouldn’t be worn at this celebration either. It’s not often enough that we get to truly toast our health, our family, and our life. By dressing up each evening, Athena and I celebrated. We took the time to select our clothes and style our hair and fully cherish these moment together. We are blessed.

One of the major draws to Le Prince Maurice is the pontoon restaurant, Le Barachois. Set among mangroves and natural reserves, the restaurant provides absolute serenity. We felt like royalty as we delighted in Chef Cuiliano’s expertly-prepared, inventive dishes. The mouthwatering desserts were also a highlight.

Floating Restaurant at Constance Le Prince

The gourmet restaurant, L’Archipel, is surrounded by beauty as well. With the ocean in the foreground and the pool alongside, L’Archipel is picturesque.

Archipel Restaurant Constance Le Prince Maurice

I was away from Athena for an entire month while I sailed to Antarctica. It was the most difficult and rewarding travel experience of my life. By juxtaposing exquisite luxury and family amenities at Constance Le Prince Maurice, I was able to connect with Athena and rejuvenate my mind and body.

46 thoughts on “Life is a Celebration at Constance Le Prince Maurice

    • Such a huge contrast. The best part was spending it with Athena. She grew so much in the 27 days that I was away. It was like coming home to a different child. Then, having this time together made it seem like I was never away. We are so much alike that it makes me laugh. 🙂


    • Yes, the adventure continues. I’m home for a couple months before setting off on another great adventure to Israel and then Uganda for gorilla trekking. This world has more to offer than I ever imagined possible. I love exploring. What’s your favorite travel experience yet?

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  1. I was wondering about you being away from Athena for so long. It seems like a wonderful treat to spend such healthful time together. Beautiful photos as usual! Wonderful review of the facility. It makes me want to follow you around to everywhere you visit! Thank you for the post.


  2. Another awesome post. Love that you got to spend quality time w/ Athena. She’s experienced more than most people ever will….I sense a travel blogger in the making, lol. Just let me know if you ever need another pair of hands to help out with these trips. I’m up for the challenge. 😉


  3. Wow! This looks like an amazing escape:) I can truly appreciate how much you must have enjoyed reconnecting with your daughter after being apart for your last trip. I had a similar experience while completing my internship in New Zealand and I missed my children terribly!!! It’s wonderful when it works out like it did on this trip and you can share a travel experience with them! She looks like she had an absolute blast:)


  4. What a fantabulous place! The photos are amazing but I loved the narrative even more. It’s great as a parent to spend quality time with your children and the best take-away for me was the fact that we probably have to consciously make time to celebrate life and wellness – while we are alive 😀


  5. i’m glad to learn you get to have a get-away with your daughter. it’s the perfect recipe for you after a month-long absence.


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