Hawk Eye II Pilotur Watch Winner

Pilotur Watch in Antarctica

Watches worth over $500, heli-skiing weekends at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, spa packages, tickets to ballets, amusement parks, and concerts, weekend getaways, airline tickets to Fiji… these are all things we gave away on Bucket List Publications as a thank you to our readers. Our most recent giveaway was a Hawk Eye II Pilotur watch. The winner, JohnRH, is a long-time reader and I’m proud to say his prize is in the mail. Stay tuned for other great giveaways and contests on Bucket List Publications. 

If you think it’s impossible to win, just ask John about how simple it is. We have never met before, but I do consider him a friend. I’ve learned a lot about his life and his kindness over the last few years. I’m grateful to return the favor. He will now be sporting the Hawk Eye pilot watch developed for the search and rescue (SAR) squadron in the Danish Air Force. It’s an evolution of the original Hawk Eye and has been designed to withstand arctic temperatures. It comes with an exclusive matt massive brushed steel bracelet in titanium look, a Velcro strap, and a black water repellent leather strap.

Pilotur Straps

At the Helm on Bark Europa

If you’d like to pick up your own Pilotur watch, check out the possibilities and explore “North of Denmark“.

I’m sure Dawn from Tales from the Motherland, would also attest to how fun and easy it is to win with Bucket List Publications. She was the Fiji Airways winner and recently enjoyed two free tickets to Fiji.

I appreciate you. I love reading your comments and interacting with people from around the world. This is my dream job. This is my bucket list.

9 thoughts on “Hawk Eye II Pilotur Watch Winner

  1. Congratulations to John. Am I the only one now who can say I never win anything? Seriously, just reading your blog is a winner Leslie. You always take me places I can’t go on my own because of being home bound now. So—I’m a winner each time you post, when I can find you.


  2. Leslie, I would say that winning tickets was not easy, but sure was fun! And I could not be more grateful to Bucket List Publications and Fiji Airways, for our dream of al lifetime trip! I have been enjoying your incredible adventures and travel for almost as long as we’ve both been blogging… And it never gets old! Thanks you– Vanaka vaka levu!


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