Lazy Days at San Diego Zoo

Athena at San Diego Zoo

Visiting San Diego Zoo can be a completely full day of walking and exploring. After spending 6 hours there yesterday, we’re having a lazy Monday. Rather than working, Athena and I are spending the afternoon at the pool. The zoo animals, like my little monkey, often get tired in the afternoon as well. Some of our favorite photos were of the new babies catching a ride with their moms or relaxing with their family. Which ones make you say, “Awwww”? 

San Diego Zoo Jaguar Cub

Hippo Calf at San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo Chicks

Monkey Baby at San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo Monkey Baby

Is San Diego Zoo on your list? Check out my most recent post for tips on visiting the zoo. 

32 thoughts on “Lazy Days at San Diego Zoo

  1. Wonderful photos! The cats would be my favorite. We live 20 minutes from the Philadelphia Zoo and have been there numerous times but I would love to see the San Diego Zoo. I’ve heard it’s quite lovely.


      • The Philadelphia Zoo isn’t huge but it was the United State’s first zoo so it has a lot of historic charm. My favorites are always the big cats,especially the beautiful black leopard.

        I was in California for work once (Anaheim) but would love to visit again. My nephew is living in LA and we hope to take a trip out to visit him sometime soon.


  2. I love it there! I was lucky enough to visit on a business trip. I wore my feat down but it was worth visiting that excellent top rate zoo with so many glorious animals! Here are a few posts I made on the topic from my blog! Enjoy if you are interested.


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