Proud to be Featured by Constance Hotels

Beach at Constance Belle Mare Plage

Constance Hotels in Mauritius were two of the most luxurious, stunningly beautiful properties I’ve visited in my lifetime. It was a huge honor to see Bucket List Publications featured on their blog yesterday and I wanted to share my elation with you. 

Constance Belle Mare Plage, Mauritius

Titled, BUCKET LIST BLOGGER CELEBRATES LIFE WITH CONSTANCE, the post combines all of my dreamlike experiences at Constance in one article. From family adventures and activities to exemplary service and amenities, Constance Hotels in Mauritius made us feel like royalty during our stay.

I’m always grateful to be included on other sites, especially major tourism sites like this. Bucket List Publications continues to grow because of your support and encouragement. It has shown me a life beyond my wildest expectations.

Since we returned home, I’ve been dreaming about visiting another Constance property. They have locations in Seychelles, Maldives, and Madagascar. Not only are these properties still on my list but so are all three countries. I’ve never been to any of them. Have you? Which one should be on the top of my list? Which of the three countries is the most unbelievable? I’d love to get your opinion. It might help me plan a major part of my 2016 bucket list. This year’s list is already over the top, but it’s never too early to plan for next year.

Share what you’re proud of this week, month, or year. It feels good to share.

21 thoughts on “Proud to be Featured by Constance Hotels

  1. Congrats!! Maldives look beautiful but all I know about them is that they are beautiful and a perfect place to relax and do nothing. I prefer to spend every second of vacation on excursions and activities and explorations. Madagascar might be my top choice for that reason.


    • I’m not capable of relaxing on a beach all day while drinking, although it is fun for a day. I wonder if Maldives offer any adventures or fun excursions? I think I should look into it more. I can imagine they have scuba diving and snorkeling. Have you been before?


  2. Wow Lesley! That was a great article! At first I wondered why they put a picture of a lady and little girl that wasn’t you two but then I figured they’d have to get your permission to add your and Athena’s pictures.


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