The Toddler Bucket List – LEGOLAND California

Playing at LEGOLAND Water Park

LEGOLAND California was the last major amusement park left for us to visit in Southern California. We visited Disneyland, Adventure City, San Diego Zoo, San Diego Safari Park, Knott’s Berry Farm, and The New Children’s Museum but LEGOLAND reminded on the top of Athena’s bucket list. With more than 30,000 LEGO models created out of more than 60 million LEGO bricks, over 60 family rides (including 3 roller coasters), “hands-on” attractions, shows, a water park, and an aquarium, LEGOLAND California provides education, adventure, and fun for all ages. She must have seen a commercial or an ad somewhere that showed LEGOLAND’s Water Park because it’s all she talked about for the last two months and when we finally arrived, it didn’t disappoint. Gliding down a water slide was everything she’d hoped for and more. 

Skipper School at LEGOLAND California

We spent the morning exploring the park. Fun Town and Miniland took up most of our time. Athena enjoyed Flight Squadron, Fireman’s Challenge, Junior Driving School, Sky Cruiser, and Skipper School. We arrived early and every ride was under a five minutes wait except for Sky Cruiser. The cool thing about the Sky Cruiser line, though, was that it had a center section for children to play while one or both adults held a spot in line. Just as the line was ending, children could use the side door to join their parents. Athena was able to build and play with Legos and other children while we waited in line. It was fantastic planning on behalf of LEGOLAND. Skipper School allows children to maneuver their own LEGO boat. It was Athena’s favorite ride and we could have spent the entire morning on the little lake learning to maneuver our ship, except Dad was anxiously awaiting a tour around Miniland. Miniland USA is the heart of LEGOLAND. A dedication to the ultimate expression of the LEGO art form, Miniland includes reproductions of seven areas of the United States, all constructed with 20 million LEGO bricks in 1:20 scale. It was mind-blowing! Darren took tons of photos of Star Wars Miniland, while Athena and I admired Vegas. We packed in way more than anticipated then headed to Skyline Cafe in LEGOLAND Hotel for lunch.

Water Park at LEGOLAND California

The rest of the day was reserved for the Water Park.

The moment had finally come! Athena was about to go down her first water slide. She was nervous but ran for the first slide she saw.

I felt equally nervous. What if she goes under the water? What if she hates it and it ruins the rest of our day? What if she gets hurt? (All irrational fears, but any mothers out there must understand. At least I hope they understand. She’ll always be my baby. I’m finally starting to understand what I put my poor mother through all these years. I’m so sorry, Mom.)

I didn’t project any of my nervousness on her. I smiled and encouraged her to go down the slide while I waited for her at the bottom.

Will you catch me, Mommy?

Of course, My Love!

Water Slide at LEGOLAND California

Wooosh! She was off. The water was in her face. I pulled her out at the bottom.

Little Water Slide at LEGOLAND California

She loved it! She wanted to go again and again.

Where did my baby go? I was watching this brave little girl rush down the water slide and get washed in the face with waves and I realized she’s going to be just like me. I’m in trouble!

We played in the water until we were cold and soaked to the bone. It was almost 6 PM when we finally walked back to the hotel. Athena may be too young to have a bucket list, maybe I am as well, but we’re having a blast coming up with items and crossing them off as a family.

If you want to read more about our fun in Carlsbad, California, check out my other posts on Bucket List Publications Website

41 thoughts on “The Toddler Bucket List – LEGOLAND California

  1. Hey! Wait a minute! What about Knott’s Berry Farm? You can’t leave that out. 🙂 When I was a child — back in the late 1700s — I loved that place. Besides the amusements, you can buy world class jams, jellies and fried chicken there.


  2. My brother and sister-in-law took their two boys (massive Lego fans) to Legoland last year. The boys loved the park but they talked most about the hotel and all the cool Lego stuff in their room! It sounds neat and even though my kids are grown, I’d still like to go someday. (BTW; water slides scare the tar out of me too!)


      • I actually love roller coasters as long as they don’t go upside down. Never liked water slides though. I like to swim but I am anxious about being plunged underwater at the bottom of the slide.


  3. Both sets of our grandkids have been to Legoland California and they loved it. The fact that they were putting Legos together before they could walk may have had something to do with it. 🙂 –Curt


  4. Hi Lesley,
    I love the idea of a Toddler Bucket List! I took my children to Legoland Windsor when they were younger. Neither of them liked it and we ended up having dinner in a lovely pub with a climbing frame and a tatty old play swing which they had a great time on. As Parents we never know what they’ll enjoy but its good to find out as they grow. How great she loves the water!


    • She’s like that sometimes too. I think she’ll love something and it doesn’t interest her. I especially noticed that around Christmas when we were going to productions. She loved The Grinch when I thought she’d be scared and she didn’t like The Nutcracker. Funny.


  5. Loved this so much, Leslie. You know what they say about payback? It can be H$#@. My three daughters paid their grandmother back by all the stuff they did and now I’m seeing my granddaughters paying their mothers back for all the things they put me through. But it’s all so worth it in the long run and your doing everything right.


  6. The first water slide is always a great feeling! My son LOVES Legoland! They both do. His favorite is the diving school and the STAR WARS display. Whew! Forget about it! And my daughter loved the fly squadron. Both of them loved the Chima water park. It’s an awesome day for them and if we get a chance to stay in the hotel I’m like parent of the year! Great pics!


  7. Great trip with you and your family. Yep, we get our child or children, love them, try to teach them, and then have to turn them over to the world. Looks like your teachings and bucket lists will travel with her. Enjoy. Have fun.


  8. Wow – thanks for sharing this Lesley. We have to take our grandies there! We come through LA every couple of years and are planning to take the older ones (5 and 7) – my grandson would be in seventh heaven at LEGOLAND!


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