Floating in the Dead Sea in Israel

Dead Sea Mud

My Israel trip has been so jam packed with new experiences that I haven’t been able to write the last couple days, but it’s all been a dream trip. Yesterday, we swam, or more like bobbed, in the Dead Sea. Although I’ve done it before in Jordan, it didn’t lose it’s cool factor. I’ll share more when I return home, but I wanted to give you a quick glimpse of what it’s like to float in the Dead Sea in Israel. 

The Dead Sea, Israel

I’m traveling with 13 people all with different interests and backgrounds. Sometimes it’s difficult to coordinate in such a large group. Everyone has a different eye for what they want to capture from Israel. The one experience that we all enjoyed equally, though, was floating in the Dead Sea. We smeared the mud all over our bodies and sat back into the water. Bobbing there is such a funny, unique experience. It requires no effort, except maybe stomach muscles if you’re half sitting up.

Front Swim in the Dead Sea

Floating in the Dead Sea

When I’m in the water, I can’t help but act like a kid. It brings me such joy and I like to think that it’s infectious. Everyone around me was smiling.

We tried several techniques during the swim like doggy paddle forward, side stroke, and sitting up while moving our legs. Regardless of the technique, it was hilarious. We played like children in the water and an hour flew by in the blink of an eye.

Once the salt got on the GoPro, it was difficult to capture video or photos. It quickly dried into a salty film that was impossible to get off while in the water. I even considered licking the screen to get it off but resolved that it wasn’t worth the nasty taste in my mouth. It’s a fun experience until you get salt in your mouth or eyes than you will quietly, or maybe not, curse everyone around you while waiting for your eye to fall out. (Not really, but it feels like a possibility when it gets in there good.)

Playing in the Dead Sea coupled with a few hours at Masada made this day my favorite one in Israel. Just wait until you see the views.

29 thoughts on “Floating in the Dead Sea in Israel

  1. Hey Lesley! Are there benefits to the skin for floating in the Dead Sea? A cool point in your blog post is that one is hardly ever alone when traveling, even when on a “solo” trip. People are everywhere, and people tend to end up going sightseeing together! Dead Sea looks like so much fun!


  2. I’m so intrigued by your post!! I’m an agent with Seacret Direct and I love having all of the Dead Sea products available to me at home, but to go there!!!! Omg!! So awesome!! Thanks for sharing!!


  3. I swam in the Dead Sea many years ago…but I don’t remember mud! Not at all. And none of my photos that I have dragged out (in pre digital days) show mud either – just the bobbing (and in one case one of my companions “sitting” up in the water, reading a newspaper. I remember how fun it was – but nothing at all about mud!!


  4. It is really nasty, to get a drop of the salty water in the eye. Best to avoid it as much as possible. Other than that, I agree – it’s one of the best experiences. You’ll find your skin will also thank you for the mud – it’s so full of minerals and so healthy.
    Hope the rest of the trip is just as enjoyable. 🙂


  5. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog lovely Lesley! 😀 Just discovered your blog and it’s AMAZING! I’ll currently drafting my travel posts too and have to say you’re gonna be one of my inspirations! 🙂


  6. I went in the Dead Sea when I was Kibbutzing – 32 years ago, minus the mud, and it was the first time in my life that I could float in water! I can’t swim, that’s why! But it was surreal and felt like treacle when I walked out onto the shore.


  7. I have always wanted to go visit the Dead Sea! Thanks for sharing your experiences- so happy I found your blog 🙂


  8. Ahhh, wasn’t it awesome? I bobbed after a super-hot visit to Masada and it was incredibly refreshing and relaxing. Did you also go to the Ein Gedi pools and waterfalls that day?


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