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Bucket List Publications is a huge part of me. It’s my personal life, my family, my travels, my thoughts, my friends, my day. It’s a look into me… both good and bad. Few people are willing to be so open about their life with thousands of readers daily. It’s a big challenge to know how much to put out there and how much to keep to myself, but the rewards are greater than my wildest expectations. I’ve made friends, learned more here than during my 7 years of university, explored the world, challenged myself, and created a career. I’m happy to share, but I’m always trying to find the best way to do it. 

Many of you know that I have two sites – this one and I’ve kept them separate for years. This site is more my daily life and personal thoughts about my day and the other site has been more of a deeper look into destinations, experiences, encounters, and adventures. In the past, I’ve published on this one way more than the other site but things have shifted this year. With life-changing adventures like sailing to Antarctica as part of the training crew on a tall ship, gorilla and chimpanzee trekking in Uganda, and exploring countries like Israel and Mauritius, I feel like I need to publish a deeper look into these encounters. A daily glimpse just isn’t enough. Besides, posting daily while trying to man a ship or avoid dangerous wildlife in the forests of Uganda isn’t exactly as easy feat. What I realized is that I enjoy the direction and freedom of way more.

Bucket List Publications Recent Posts

Many of us have become like a family here. We comment, like, and share each other’s sites and have become familiar with the routine, so I will continue to post on this site regularly, but have you visited the other site? Check it out and see if you like it. You’ll find creative ideas to add to your own list.

I’ve been working on all of my social media, not just the website. Here are the links to my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts. Include your social media in the comments below and we can follow each other.

Has blogging become a major part of your life? Has it changed you in a great way? Have you used other social media platforms to express yourself? I’d love to read your story.

This site will always be a huge part of my life. I will continue to share my day and my thoughts with you. Thank you for what you’ve made it into. You’re my second home.

49 thoughts on “Big Changes for Bucket List Publications

    • I just went back to your site as well and read something that I truly needed to read tonight. (I commented so you should know.)

      Thank you. Sometimes things happen at a certain time for a reason.

      Have a fantastic weekend,


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    • I will still post here regularly, just not as much. More of my photos and adventures will be on the .com site. This is where my journey began. I’m not willing to give it up just yet 😉

      I wish you could explore the world, but I love that you follow along here.

      I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend 🙂

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  1. Lesley, Like you, I’ve benefited so much from blogging over the years – about travel, life, walking, pain and really, so much more in between. I’ve also fostered (virtual) friendships with people that I truly hope to meet up with one day.. in their hometowns preferably 😉 Wherever you go, and wherever your heart tells you to steer, I’ll still follow. Blessings to you and the family, Amit (p.s I really want to hear more about your trip to Israel!!)

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  2. Those who want to come on the change with you will, those who don’t won’t. A bit like saying friends come into and out of our lives, not everyone steps along the whole way with us, in fact quite the reverse.

    For me blogging and most recently Etsy ( have become a part of my life (albeit it a tiny fraction at this stage), and I wouldn’t change either. Nothing but continued good wishes for you and yours, on life’s journey.

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  3. I’m relatively new to this blogging thing, but have enjoyed your posts! Is there a way to easily “follow” blogs and sites that are not through WordPress? I am much less likely to visit a page or a blog that doesn’t pop up on my feed…

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  4. I sure can understand, Lesley. Although I have been following you for years on here don’t visit the other one as much except through FB. Bookmarked bucketlist and will look at it more. Always enjoy reading your blog. Thanks also for repinning on Pinterest. Need to make time to check yours out.

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    • I love your Pinterest boards and will continue to share. Although the other site has been getting a lot of my attention lately, I will still post here regularly. With extremely remote trips this year, it’s been difficult to post daily, but I hope to get back to it soon.

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  5. SNAP! I recently just reinvented myself again (check it out if you can) ….hopefully for me third times a charm. I know we don’t connect often, but I always smile when I see you like one of my ‘Thoughts of the day’ especially because your life is so mad at times. All the very best to you and keeping it altogether – For me you do an amazing job and your adventures are always so awesome to read about. Cheers Denise

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  6. From a business perspective the website makes sense – and dollars too. I will continue to enjoy your breezy and refreshing blog posts whenever they come though I’ll miss the greater frequency. I am following by RSS and Facebook as well. Just keep the adventures coming!

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  7. I’ve been following your blog for some time now and knew about the other one, but haven’t made my way over there because it seems like it would be more formal and business-like. I follow others’ blogs for the community aspect of it. My own blog is merely a digital version of my personal journal that I’ve kept since I was a little girl. Thus, blogging, for me, is a conversation. I feel awkward at in-person gatherings, and can really be myself online. So yes, blogging is huge for me because it’s where one of my most important communities is found!

    You have done great things with your blogs, and the move is exciting to hear about. I know you will have an awesome time!

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  8. I love following your adventures. I just followed you on Instagram and Twitter! I am BULLDOGTRAVELS on Instagram and @finulamarie on Twitter! I would love to stay connected.

    I am going to check out your main website but I do love when you post on WordPress because it pops up in my feed that I check daily. Sometimes checking regular websites that aren’t connected to a feed doesn’t always PPP into my mind.

    Regardless I can’t wait to see where the world takes you next!

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  9. I can relate to your wanting to dig more into your recent travel adventures. I spent 6 weeks in Spain in 2013 and then returned again last year. I’ve only briefly written about it on my blog, mostly just what it was like to live with a family. I’ve been wanting to write about all of the places I visited, the history and my photos. I haven’t figured out what venue to do that in yet. You’ve given me something to think about as well. Here’s a summary post about my trip. Congrats on delving into this new direction with your writing.

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  10. Thank you – I didn’t know you had another site! It’s gorgeous. I’ve been blogging for 4 1/2 years now, and my site is currently a little under the weather. I have a helper for it because it was custom re-built a couple years ago, merging the old version with a newer one, so I am dependent on that person. Currently, he can’t work on it, and it has made me realize how very, very, very important my little corner of the internet is to me. The writing does something for me on its own, but the sharing of it is equally important. I hear you! I am @mrsfreshscratch on Twitter and mrsfreshscratch on Instagram, too. Same on FB, though it’s not my fave.


  11. I will definitely check out your Facebook site. I am Elaine Estes on Facebook. I love reading your adventures and enjoy the photos too! The Greek and Israel ones were especially delightful Blue is my favorite color too and you are right on about the blues are different in the Mediterranean areas. Why is that?? I have a blog I try to share stories from other cultures, humorous and wisdom tales and thoughts from my life. I am a domestic abuse survivor and am trying to help others understand and prevent going down that path too.
    Keep on writing and sharing. You help make the world more seeable!!


  12. I enjoy hearing about your adventures an visit your other site from time to time, but I must admit I get most if my Leslie news from this blog. But keeping up two sites must be times consuming so I completely get it. Looks like I’ll be visiting .com site more often. Keep inspiring others, you’re great at it!


  13. I remain a fan of all you do, Lesley, and hope to enjoy a drink face to face one day… here or somewhere exciting. My blogging has stagnated a bit lately. Writing regularly for Huffington Post has been an enormous honor, but definitely add pressure. My own blog seems to suffer from that… as life and writing become challenging at times. Being named a BlogHer’15 “Voices of the Year” recipient has had a similar impact– with some difficult challenges in my personal life, the spotlight seems to make me less able to write, not more. Ugh.

    Your travel and fabulous adventure provide wonderful inspiration; congratulations on all you’ve accomplished!


  14. Thank you for your recent like on my post of my Wednesday Ode. I hope you will follow these and enjoy some, maybe simple, written adventures as I read about your exciting living travels and adventures. 🙂


  15. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I’m new to the world of blogging and enjoying it. Loved reading you adventures. Will definitely check out your other site. Just found you on instagram.. here is mine @pri_vin. Blog –


  16. Hi Lesley,
    Thanks for being so honest. You are inspiring to me and I wish you all the best in whatever you decide to do. I’m glad you’re enjoying the experiences you’re having and finding good outlets for expression. Blogging has become a big part of my life as well, but I still feel like a complete newbie at it in a lot of ways! But it’s a great way to stay accountable, connect with people who understand, and get some writing time in each week. I really love it. 🙂
    Shelly (@ The Goal List)


  17. Like you, my blog means a lot to me. It’s a way of being creative and connecting with other people, some of whom I’d never normally meet. I feel quite protective about it and about Le Marche, Italy, the region I blog about. You are brave to write about deep feelings and perhaps I should do so too.


  18. Funny you should be the one to ask “has blogging become a major part of your life?” Yup. It has. That’s how you and I met. 🙂

    I find that in writing I am able to heal, to process, to learn, laugh, reminisce, ponder, and discover friends I’d never have met if it wasn’t for the stories. So many of the lessons I come across have taken years to realize, then hit me right when I need it. (The key is the phrase, “…and it got me thinking…” in my stories. Those aside, I love traveling virtually with you. And learning from your adventures, and being reminded that life is not a dress rehearsal, and “someday” is not found on any calendar. Take care!


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