What A Crazy Beautiful Day in Dominica

Scott’s Head Peninsula, Dominica I arrived in Dominica today. After long flights and crappy layovers because of an even crappier airline, I was feeling frustrated and annoyed. I wasn’t sure if Dominica was worth the hassle. Then, I got here and all my questions were answered. It is one of the most beautiful, natural islands I’ve ever visited and definitely worth the flight. Sharing everything I did today would be impossible in one post so I’ll give you the quick highlights with hopes that you’ll come back for more details and photos. It’s only 9:02 pm but with a day like this I need some sleep. My final flight touched down in Dominica this morning at 8 am and was immediately transferred to Sari Sari Falls. My guide, George, took me on a majestic hike through mountains and along a river to reach the falls. The return trip took us three hours of up and down hill hiking and crossing the river but I arrived to this! Sari Sari Falls, Dominica I took a refreshing swim before making my way back. We met a couple locals who offered me a coconut and I gladly downed the delicious coconut water. Drinking Coconut Water in Dominica I then drove south with my guide for lunch, snorkeling, and experiencing the bubbles and heat of Champagne Reef. Champagne Reef, Dominica Finally, we explored Scott’s Head Peninsula where I hiked to the top of a mountain and marveled at the spot where the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean meet. Scott’s Head Peninsula, Dominica I arrived at the Evergreen Hotel in time for the sunset, dinner and a shower. I’m off to bed because this is all just day one on Dominica. Sunset View in DominicaTomorrow is equally packed with Trafalgar Falls, Titou Gorge, Flyboarding and Mero beach. Stay tuned as I continue this whirl-wind journey in Dominica.

I’ve been sharing photos regularly on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Follow along there, or watch for the hashtag #LovinDominica, if you want to see more of my Dominica journey.

*Disclosure: A special thanks to Dominica Tourism for making this trip a reality. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

41 thoughts on “What A Crazy Beautiful Day in Dominica

  1. I loved Dominica, a wonderful Nature Island, great diving and amazing hiking. Absolutely loved the people. It is definitely worth the extra effort. Enjoy your time ! #travelfreedomnow.com


    • It’s nice to read that someone else has experienced the beauty here. When did you visit? How long did you stay? What was your favorite experience? I still have a few days left so I don’t know what I love the most yet but the hike to Sari Sari was amazing. Did you do it?


    • The entire island is very green with a lot of rain to keep it fresh. The mountains are endless too. It’s certainly holding up to it’s name – the Nature Island.

      You’d love the diving here. I hear that they are opening a Buddy Dive spot here. Buddy Dive is currently in Bonaire and one of the most fantastic companies to enjoy. Maybe I’ll be reading your posts in a few months as a reminder of my time here 🙂

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  2. Hi Lesley — How long are you staying in Dominica? We are thinking of planning a 1 week getaway at the end of September to somewhere and we are trying to decide between Dominica or Belize.


  3. Looks like you had an amazing day in Dominica! I was there eight years ago, just for a day during a cruise, and to this day I think it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to, definitely want to go back some day. All the waterfalls are so stunning.


    • You have to come back and experience some of Dominica’s waterfalls, hikes, and mountain vistas. It is absolutely stunning and full of unique adventures. What did you do for the day while you were here?


  4. That waterfall is exactly like the one I tried to describe in my first novel! (It needs rewritten and edited before I send it off to a publisher.) I’ll keep this photo to help me when I work on the rewrite.


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