Treated Like Royalty in Palm Beach, Florida

Sipping tea and the Chesterfield Tea PartyWe did so many family-fun things today in Palm Beach, Florida that I don’t even know where to begin, but one activity was so fantastic that I find myself typing on my phone in the bathroom of the hotel while Athena sleeps peacefully in the bedroom. The Chesterfield Hotel offers a Little Prince and Princess Tea Party and we felt like royalty when we attended today. 

I don’t know if every little girl dreams of being a princess, but I know that Athena does. She dresses the part every day. We have dozens of princess costumes that shes wears like normal outfits. She curtsies when she meets someone and she even does the princess wave. I think she truly believes she’s a princess and today she was treated like one.

The Chesterfield Hotel, Palm Beach

We walked into the Chesterfield Hotel and we were escorted to the library. Tastefully decorated in fine leathers and rich golds, we were seated near the fireplace. Athena was given a crown and a boa to wear and our server gave us menus. He was attentive and Athena was his number one guest.

Little Prince and Princess Tea at The Chesterfield, Palm Beach

Athena was given hot chocolate (chocolate tea) along with a tray of jam and peanut butter sandwiches, cupcakes and other treats.
Traditional Afternoon Tea at The Chesterfield, Palm Beach

I was served peppermint tea accompanied by a selection of irresistibly tempting treats. Neatly prepared homemade sandwiches, freshly baked scones and seasonal pastries filled my tray.
Athena's expression at The Chesterfield Tea Party, Palm BeachThis is Athena’s expression as she says to me, “This is the best day of my life. I’m a real princess.” I can’t believe this concept doesn’t exist everywhere! We spend hours playing tea party at home but today we experienced the “real deal.”

44 thoughts on “Treated Like Royalty in Palm Beach, Florida

  1. That sounds perfect. My daughter would love that and my dog. The Border Collie is more rough and tumble but our Cavalier x Border Collie aptly called Lady would love the Princess treatment as well.
    My daughter auditioned for the role of Marta in the upcoming Sydney production of the Sound of Music. She didn’t receive a callback but we made a day of it and went into the city and up the Sydney Tower Eye. I’ve written a couple of posts which you and your daughter would enjoy:
    xx Rowena


      • The view from Centrepoint was quite interesting because in so many ways it was the back-end view. The cityscape is designed to be viewed looking up from street level and most of the tops of the buildings looked very neglected, like abandoned backyards. Those iconic buildings which usually occupy centre stage, were cluttered behind newcomers and I couldn’t help but feel better planning was required…a common lament about Sydney.
        Yes, I agree on the princess front. My daughter and I are both faqirly down to earth and she does Scouts in addition to dancing etc but we both even living it up and some pampering. As you said, who doesn’t!


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