Jetpack America Flight for Barry’s Graduation

Jetpack flight with Jetpack America

Flying a jetpack with Jetpack America was one of the greatest adventures of my life and thanks to Jetpack America Newport Beach I was able to provide that same adventure for my brother. My youngest brother, Barry, just graduated from college and he’s in SoCal visiting before he enters the next stage in his life and looks for a career. I wanted to do something for him to say congratulations. I wanted for him to have a great adventure and remember this time with fondness. Not knowing what’s to come during this transition can be stressful and exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time. A flight with Jetpack America was a reflection of the mixed emotions he’s feeling right now. Succeeding at the flight made him feel stronger; more invincible and a little bit more capable of succeed at his next big adventure. 

Getting ready to fly with Jetpack AmericaWhen he first strapped on the jetpack, I could see the tension in his eyes. He listened closely to the instructor and nodded his head in agreement although I doubt he was taking it all in. There’s so much to process all at once.
Starting to lift off with Jetpack America

He hopped into the water and prepared to fly. Immediately, he got the hang of it and lifted above the surface. Higher and higher he rose and his confidence built. I could see his smile creeping up.

Smiling during Jetpack America flight

He tried diving, spinning and doing donuts in the air. I was nervous as I watched him go faster and faster. He was fearless. I could see him nodding his head and putting his thumb up as an indication that everything was good. At one point, he looked higher than a two story building.

Flying high with Jetpack America

Shortly after, he was doing donuts and he was full throttle yet still completely in control. He must have felt unstoppable. I had to put the camera down and watch in awe. I was proud to say he was my brother. We have similar feelings about conquering fears and pushing the limits. If you can’t see how much we look alike, our personalities is another sure tell-tale sign that we’re siblings.

Jetpack America Newport Beach

He did one last submarine before completely his flight and I felt like I needed to clap and cheer for him as he rose up from the water.

Diving with Jetpack America

I always believed in my little brother. I watched him graciously succeed time and time again, but this time I could see him as an adult. Fearless. Excited. Anxious. Focused. He is already a success.

“Little Man,” if you’re reading this, I am so proud of you. You have gown into a man that is capable of accomplishing greatness.

18 thoughts on “Jetpack America Flight for Barry’s Graduation

  1. What an unbelievably cool gift for your brother. How wonderful that he has you as his sister. When I grow up can I be your youngest brother?! 😉


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  3. He looked like he was having a lot of fun and I think you were right there with him, cheering him on. I can see why you’re proud of him and I’ll bet he feels the same for you. Isn’t family wonderful, most of the time anyway!


  4. Congratulations Barry and good luck for the next stage post graduation!
    This looked fantastic – great pictures too. What an experience,and lessons learnt too. I think my son would love this when he’s a bit bigger.


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