A Glimpse of a Great White Shark with Islander Charters

Great White Shark Dive with Islander Charters

Cage diving with great white sharks at Guadalupe Island with Islander Charters was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life. Their beauty, grace and body language are far beyond anything I imagined possible. 

After five days on the Islander and three full days of diving with great whites, my opinion on them has completely changed. I have tuna blood in my hair and I smell like a fish plant so it’s off to a shower and a good night sleep for now but I wanted to leave you with a photo before heading to dreamland. Stay tuned for a detailed post tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “A Glimpse of a Great White Shark with Islander Charters

  1. Sooner you than me! If there was a Great White about, I’d be out of the water before I got wet! But, are you going to post about Guadeloupe? I only spent 24 hours there (waiting for a cruise ship) and a return and a longer stay are high on my list.


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