Our First Day at Renaissance Phuket

Resort pool at Renaissance PhuketAfter a 13 hour flight to Beijing and another 6 hour flight to Phuket, I worried that Athena would be a nightmare to be around today. Actually, if I’m being completely honest, I worried that I would be a nightmare to be around today and then I’d have to deal with a cranky child on top of that. Once again, Athena has shocked me with her positive attitude and ability to cope with long flights and changing time zones. Today was our first day at Renaissance Phuket, Thailand and it was magical. We walked on the beach, swam in our own private pool and the resort pools, played at the kids club and tasted Thai food. It’s only the first day and we’re jet-legged, but I’m already in love with Renaissance Phuket.Β 

Fruist tray at Renaissance Phuket

We arrived at Renaissance Phuket at 2:30 am. Too excited and over-tired to sleep, we ate bananas, oranges, apples and pears from the welcome fruit tray. I was grateful when I walked into the villa and saw snacks and drinks provided complimentary. It was a late arrival and no restaurants were open. We ate with the villa doors open and our feet dipped into the pool. It was like being in a movie. I never thought I’d actually experience such luxury myself.

Villa private pool at Renaissance Phuket

We woke up at 7:00 am and went for a swim in our pool before breakfast. Athena can swim now so she stayed in longer while I relaxed in the pool chair next to the pool. She’s at such a fun age. She still needs Mommy’s help but she’s independent enough to play on her own. She learned to swim a few months ago and it changed everything. Gone are the days of sitting on the pool stairs for hours without being able to swim and play comfortably in the pool. Now, we race, dive, jump and “canyon ball” into the pool like two children rather than an adult and a child.

Beach at Renaissance Phuket

After breakfast, we went for a walk on the beach. I was pleasantly surprised that we were the only ones there. We didn’t swim. Instead, we just walked and played in the sand. Athena practiced her handstands and cartwheels and I couldn’t avoid participating. Sand found its way into my hair, my clothes and my finger nails but it was worth seeing the smile on Athena’s face.
Kids Club at Renaissance Phuket

We made our way back to the resort and found the kids club. It has three rooms with movies, games, books and toys. During the day, there are free activities and crafts for kids. Athena made a bracelet and we read several books. Between the kids club and the kiddie pool, we could have stayed in that area all day. The pool has a water slide and a waterfall and three different depths for swimming. We played mermaid games and enjoyed the pool until I was too wrinkly to stand it. Athena would never get out unless I asked her. We love that she’s a fish. It’s one of the major reasons we want to live in California.
Dinner at Loca Vore, Renaissance Phuket

The sun already set before we had dinner atΒ Loca Vore. I ordered the rice, chicken and pineapple dish and I’m still licking my lips. I might even order it again before we leave. I enjoy trying new dishes but when I find something as delicious as this, it’s hard to move on.

Villa at Renaissance Phuket

We’re back at our villa at it’s already 9:00 pm. It didn’t rain all day but the sky is alive with lightening right now. Surrounded by windows, we’re comfortably in bed watching the night show. I’ve been dreaming about visiting Thailand for over a decade. We want to leave the property and explore as much of the area as possible, but we’re here until early December so another day at the resort won’t hurt. Sometimes it’s nice to relax and enjoy the moment.

23 thoughts on “Our First Day at Renaissance Phuket

  1. It looks like you are having a great time! I am glad neither of you were cranky and got out and enjoyed all the wonderful things at the resort and the great walk on the beach. πŸ™‚


    • I love trying new foods, but I draw the line at anything alive or bugs. Do you like Thai food? Maybe I can find something you’d like today. Give me some tips and I’ll post a photo of something for you πŸ˜‰


    • I stay at resorts more than I’m home and this is one of the nicest properties I’ve ever visited. I can’t recommend it enough. I’d be happy to answer any questions if you think of something. Feel free to reach out here or through email – lesleycarter @ live.com


  2. Absolutely beautiful – sounds and looks like you’re having a wonderful time! I love Thailand, but I haven’t been in years. Some of the most beautiful scuba diving in the world out there, not to mention some of the most amazing and delicious street food ever!


    • Which areas of Thailand have you visited?

      I always hear about the amazing street food. When Darren arrives in a couple days, we’ll get off the resort and explore the area more. I don’t want him to miss too many adventures.


  3. not at all jealous that my sister is flying to Thailand in two weeks. A few more years before I can take my daughter – she is only two 😦 I shall keep these lovely picture in my head until then. Enjoy


  4. I would love to hear some of your tips for long haul flights. I travel with my daughter. She is 16 months. We live in Korea and we haven’t traveled home to the U.S. since she was a few months old. As an infant, it was a breeze flying with her. As a toddler, I’m am concerned about the long flight home. But wish to visit in the new year. On our most recent flights here in Asia, the best flights have been red-eyes and those not full because she sleeps. And other flights, it was stressful because she doesn’t understand she has to remain seated. One of our four hour flights seem like forever. Besides flying, she is the best travel partner. We have been having a blast.


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