Seashell Wind Chime Making at JW Marriott Phuket

Sea shell wind chime at JW Marriott Phuket

JW Marriott Phuket offers a daily schedule of activities for adults, teens and children. We don’t usually participate in kids club activities because they can be pricey for something we could do at home but some of the activities at JW Marriott Phuket are so unique that we couldn’t wait to participate. We just arrived yesterday and before even checking into our room, we went directly to the kids club for seashell wind chime making. Sea shell wind chime making at JW Marriott PhuketThe wind chime activity was very hands-on and great for hand-eye coordination for Athena’s age. The coordinator at the kids club, Jackie, was happy to be there and made us feel the same way. She brought a bag of seashells, pre-cut strings, and a coconut shell over to the table and demonstrated what was required to make the wind chime.

Adding shells to the wind chime at JW Marriott PhuketAthena shocked me when she was able to get the string through the hole in the seashell unassisted. I think it’s often parents that hold back children because we assume they are incapable of doing something. I sat back and watched as she put a total of 35 shells on 7 different strings. Jackie only tied knots in the string to hold the shells in place; Athena did the rest of the work on her own.
Making a wind chime at JW Marriott Phuket

Athena was proud of her creation when she finished and rightfully so. It was a big accomplishment for a 3 year old. It took 30 minutes to create the seashell wind chime and she never lost focus or asked me for help.

We have a beautiful keepsake to take home with us from our trip to Phuket and it will always be more special because Athena made it. We do crafts together on a regular basis and I’m always proud of her success but they are usually things that I love because I’m her mother. The seashell wind chime is something I’d be proud to have made. It will definitely have a lasting place in our new home.

15 thoughts on “Seashell Wind Chime Making at JW Marriott Phuket

    • Not stepping in is one of the biggest challenges as a mother. I want her to do things on her own and learn but I always want her to feel supported and like I will be there to help if she needs it. There is a fine balance.

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  1. Love how she looks so focused and then the exhilaration when she completes her task!! Definitely something for her to be very proud of!! And I’m sure your heart was just a wee bit bigger as you experienced so much pride while watched her!


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