A Magical Night at Disney On Ice – Frozen

Disney On Ice - Frozen

Every little girl in North America loves Disney’s Frozen. It’s undeniable, especially on Halloween when there are more Elsa and Anna costumes than witches and ghosts. So when I heard that Disney on Ice was presenting Frozen it was immediately a must on our family bucket list. Athena dresses up daily as Elsa and Anna and has more than a handful of  costumes to choose from. It wasn’t a question of if we were going but how many times. Tonight we witnessed it for the first time and the smile on Athena’s face said it all – it was magical. 

Disney On Ice – Frozen will be performed at the Honda Center in Anaheim next week but I was too excited to experience it with Athena so we went to the performance at the Staples Center in LA tonight.

Athena at Disney On Ice - FrozenAthena was talking about it since she woke up this morning. She laid out her favorite Elsa costume and asked question after question about which characters would be there and what songs they’d sing. By the time we arrived at the Staples Center, she was exploding with anticipation.
Mickey and Minnie at Disney On Ice

The show opened with Mickey and Minnie and special appearances by many of the Disney Princesses along with other favorite Disney characters like Nemo and Timon and Pumbaa. They sang a snowman song with a few simple steps and we were both out of our seats dancing in the isle. It had only just begun and I was already impressed with the agility of the skaters and the participation of the audience. Athena was actively involved and that always makes for a more entertaining experience.

When Elsa and Anna appeared on the rink, the level of enthusiasm in the crowd went through the roof. Young kids were up on their knees to see better. Toddlers wiggled in their seats with excitement and even adults were completely focused on the ice.

Although some of the scenes were changed from the movie to make it work better on ice, most of our favorite songs were part of the show. Watching Athena sing along is one of the greatest joys in my life. She is growing up so quickly and her memory for music and songs is shocking. I’m very proud of my little girl and I’m not embarrassed to sing along with her. That’s one of the best parts of being a mother. You no longer need to worry about doing something embarrassing. You can justify it because you are there with your child.
Sven at Disney On Ice

One of my favorite moments of the evening was when Kristoff and Sven came on the ice for their opening performance. Kristoff was fantastic and I was impressed by his back flip and spins. (He stole the show in my eyes.) Athena loved Sven and he was just as goofy on stage as on camera.

Marshmellow - Disney on Ice - Frozen

Another great part of the production was when “Marshmellow” came on the ice and was chasing Olaf, Kristoff and Anna. The creation was massive and the way it slowly blew up while moving around made it seem alive.
Disney On Ice - FrozenI’m still wondering how Sven and Olaf moved so easily on the ice with such huge costumes and how the rocks rolled out onto the ice during the troll scene is a mystery as well.

Although Disney On Ice – Frozen is clearly a production for children, I truly enjoyed it as well. The singing and dancing gets you in the holiday spirit and the smile on Athena’s face warmed my heart.

Kids love Frozen. Rather than watching the movie for the 700,000th time, it was a welcomed change to see it performed on ice with a few “twists”.

Am I willing to go again in Anaheim next week? Let’s see how Athena behaves tomorrow after getting home at 11 pm and I will decide but after such a great evening together, I’m actually considering it.

Thanks to Disney On Ice for the complimentary tickets for review. All opinions and believes are, as always, my own.

20 thoughts on “A Magical Night at Disney On Ice – Frozen

  1. Leslie, that is one huge smile on Athena’s face. So happy, it makes me smile just seeing it. I’m wondering who this bucket list you are working on here. What a wonderful beginning to a magical season.


  2. Great post. Its not only Mums that can share the magic. I’ve found that, at the age of 63, I can get away with reverting to a child as long as I have one of my granddaughters with me.


  3. Your beautiful daughter is the epitome of what childhood should be, and so well captured in these images. Disney has always captured the essence of childhood at it’s best. Our children, and now grandchildren were and are equally mesmerized by the likes of Disney characters over the years, and today … Frozen. A most precious side of life! M:-)


  4. What a magical evening!!!! I love skating shows and this one looks amazing!! So glad you had a great time. I can just picture the 2 of you singing!!


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