Everything I Imagined for My Family During the Holidays

Noon Lodge Big Bear CA

Every year, we spend one weekend in December in Big Bear, California to experience the joys of snow and cold in the mountains. Last year, we chose a typical hotel in the village center for our stay and while we had a fantastic weekend, we wanted something a little more rustic this year. I found the newly reopened Noon Lodge at Mallard Bay and it was the ideal blend of rustic charm with village access. It’s only a little over a mile to the village center yet it’s situated on a lake with fireplaces indoors and out. It was exactly what we needed. 

Noon Lodge, Big Bear, California

When we arrived last night, we sat around the fire with hot chocolate and marshmallows while looking out at the freshly fallen snow. It was beautiful. I never realized how much I missed seeing the flakes falling to the ground or the crisp air after a recent snowfall.
Noon Lodge at Mallard Lake, CA

We had to wear socks and put our feet close to the fire to warm up but it was everything I imagined for my family during the holidays. I don’t miss the shoveling or the layers upon layers of clothes or the way the wind hurts your face and hands, but I do miss snuggling up together and watching the miracle of snow.

15 thoughts on “Everything I Imagined for My Family During the Holidays

  1. The miracle of snow–I love that phrase. It is a miracle but can also be annoying. We are doing the opposite, heading out of Alaska and down to Arizona for the holidays, to experience the miracle of sunshine and warmth. Cheers, big hugs and happy holidays to you all.


  2. That sounds wonderful!! We are getting a way for a couple of days starting Monday. I pray that it is as refreshing as it sounds yours was!!!


  3. Our family is doing just that over Christmas! We’ve booked our cabin up at Big Bear for the 23rd to the 26th, with snowboarding/skiing scheduled for Christmas eve and sledding for Christmas day! We are so stoked!


  4. Ahhhh this is the perfect winter holiday place. I used to live in the Swiss alps and I tell you I dream of the beautiful clear sunny days looking over the mountains and in the evenings hearing the wind blow or the snow falling
    Just a winter wonderland
    Happy holiday to you

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