Act 3 at Laguna Playhouse

ACT 3 at Laguna Playhouse

I recently discovered Laguna Playhouse. I don’t know why it took me so long to find this gem. I love theatre, especially musicals and plays and it’s a short 7 minute drive from door to door. Last night I went to the US premiere of Act 3 staring Rita Rudner and Charles Shaughnessy. I had never seen Rita Rudner perform before, although she’s been in over 3,000 solo shows in Vegas, but I loved Charles Shuaghnessy from The Nanny. Even though he’s quite a bit older than me, I always had a crush on him. His handsome looks draw a wide audience of women. It was no different last night at the playhouse. 

The play is about their relationship and the struggles of monotony and connection. While their scheming seemed outside my realm of reality, hopefully, I could understand and relate to the message. They played well off of each other, like they’d teamed up for years, and at intermission the positive buzz filled the playhouse.

At the end, we rose for a standing ovation and Rita graciously thanked the audience. Then, the major shocker was revealed. The play was actually based on real-life experiences and the couple was sitting near me in the audience.

I spend half of the intermission and at least three minutes at the end of the show saying how unbelievable it would be for a couple to behave that way toward each other and how even more unbelievable it would be for the lady to take him back and then they stood up and waved to the audience. I was mortified. Did they hear me? Did they feel embarrassed? Did they even care? It made me think about all the things I’d done wrong in my life and how I’d feel if it was being performed in front of an audience while I sat there watching and listening. It was only then that I was the one that felt ashamed. Who am I to judge? Who hasn’t done something wrong to their partner? (Maybe not to this level, but nonetheless.)

Do you want to know what happened? You’ll have to go see it for yourself. Act 3 opens on Saturday, January 9th and runs through Sunday, January 31st at the Laguna Playhouse.

What’s the worst thing you’d ever done to your partner? Are you willing to share? 

10 thoughts on “Act 3 at Laguna Playhouse

  1. My husband and I have been married for 45 years. He’s a kind and caring man that is slow to anger. I on the other hand, am quick to see red and express it. Not in a violent way, but with silence. After all the years we’ve been together, believe me when I say I know how to get to him. There are so many times I’ve had to be the one to say I was sorry and ask for his forgiveness, that I can’t just choose one.


  2. I guess since they were sitting in the audience, they were toying with the idea that people like this can be anyone. So they had to know that people would react the same way that you did.

    BTW, once I jumped into a van and found myself staying off of La Brea Street nestled in a little cottage jammed between fancier houses. My trip should have been a few weeks. 3 months later I found myself back at home. Laguna was a wonderful place to be at and the Theatre was a part of it.

    Wonderful times.


  3. The play was wonderful. Funny and smart, with content to which most of us can certainly relate. It was exceptionally well acted by Mr. Shaughnessy and Ms. Rudner. Laguna Playhouse is a lovely theatre, so, all in all, it is a great night at the theatre!


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  5. There are a few things I never thought possible from “good people” in real life…until they happened, either to me, or close enough. Excellent lesson of compassion. There are still some things I see characters do that boggle me, but I’m far less apt to dismiss people as villains nowadays.


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