Pool Fun at DoubleTree Golf Resort in Palm Springs

Suite view at DoubleTree Golf Resort in Palm Springs

When we arrived at DoubleTree Golf Resort in Palm Springs and pulled back the curtains in our room to a massive pool with a stunning view, we had our bathing suits on before we could count to ten. The temperature was 88 degrees and the sun was making everything shimmery. It was our version of a dream and we were happy to enjoy it. 

DoubleTree Pool FunWe grabbed two towels and a couple chairs with an umbrella and jumped in. Instantly, we felt happier. It wasn’t like we weren’t happy already but being in the water brings us both a joy that is unmatched by much else.

We spent the entire afternoon in the pool and only got out when the sun went down. Alternating between the pool and the hot tub allowed us to stay in longer.

Jumping in the pool at DoubleTree Palm Springs

Today, after a morning at the spa, we returned to the pool. Our plan was to swim for an hour and then head to the zoo. Then, Athena met a five year old girl from Edmonton, Canada and splashed and played like they were life-long friends. By the time we finally got out of the pool, wrinkly and tired, we decided that the zoo could wait until tomorrow.

Under water picture at DoubleTree Golf Resort

It isn’t just Athena who jumps and splashes in the pool. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a big kid. Having Athena with me is just more encouragement to be silly and have fun. Over the last couple years, I’ve gained some weight and sometimes it makes me feel uncomfortable in a bathing suit but it’s quickly forgotten when I’m doing cannonballs or handstands with Athena at my side. All I remember is the fun that we have and not what I looked like in my bathing suit.
DoubleTree Golf Resort in Palm Springs

We usually choose a resort based on the pool before almost everything else. Crystal clean, the perfect temperature, and huge, the pool at DoubleTree Golf Resort in Palm Springs is a big two thumbs up.


9 thoughts on “Pool Fun at DoubleTree Golf Resort in Palm Springs

  1. You look great in your bathing suit, honey! Keep splashing and playing and acting like a kid and trust me on this (since I am so much older than you, lol), it will keep you young. Cheers and enjoy your stay. P.S. Athena is getting so big. They grow up so fast!


  2. Hi Lesley, I love the view you have of the mountains. That would be so relaxing for me! And I know what you mean. Having my kids allowed me to do all the things I enjoyed when they were little – alongside them. What joy!!!!!!! Playing on the swings is still one of my favourites!!!


  3. That looks super duper amazing. There’s always something about water, I think, which can really make a person happy. Maybe it’s how serene it looks and feels when you’re in it… as if you’re a mermaid, I like to think!

    Beautiful photos – looks like you had awesome fun! 🙂


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