Open Doors at The Landing

The Landing, Door County, Wisconsin
This Christmas was a world of new for Athena and I. We decided to spend it with my partner’s family in Wisconsin. (I still haven’t found the “boyfriend” term that fits for me but I’m working on it.) It was the first time Athena and I weren’t in our own home, opening gifts from Santa and family that were placed under our Christmas tree with loving care; but home isn’t your own tree or a familiar room. It’s the people who surround you that make it home. Cord’s family has shown us an abundance of love in the last few months. They opened their homes and their hearts to Athena and I. Even though we spent Christmas day, and the two days following Christmas, at The Landing in Door County, Wisconsin, it was the most at home I felt in almost a decade. 

The Landing, Door County, WisconsinThe entire vibe at The Landing is homey and welcoming. When we walked in the front entrance, a fire was lit and the mantle was decorated with holiday decor. Several Christmas trees filled the open spaces and there was plenty of room to enjoy common areas.

There were very few other guests staying at the property during the holidays so we booked rooms close together and left the doors open to come and go freely. It was nice to have some private space yet the freedom to mingle in everyone’s room.
The Landing, Door CountyWe were 14 people strong. Cord’s parents and his two sisters along with their spouses and children shared their holidays with us as if we’d always been part of the family. We played games in the pool and had chicken fights with his sister and her husband. We soaked in the hot tub and I drank Fireball with his mother. We did puzzles and played games and filled the empty spaces with love and laughter.
The Landing, Door County
The view from our room was like a movie set and the common areas were open and large enough for the entire family. It was like being in a home, but we had multiple kitchens, living rooms, ample bedrooms, and an indoor pool and hot tub.
The Landing, Door County, Wisconsin
Athena felt comfortable roaming freely. She enjoyed spending time with all of the girls, both young and old, and woke up each morning with an excitement for the day. Carol, Cord’s mom, is a natural with children. She exudes love and her positivity is contagious. Athena happily woke up each morning and spent a little extra time with Carol.

Carol’s kind, loving way is reassuring and she makes it seem like we are giving her a gift when she spends time with us. Her remarkable goodness, which is evident in Cord, is what drew me to her son in the first place. There is a feeling of home with the entire family.
Walking around near The Landing, Door County
They spend a lot of time in Door County and know the area well. We went for a walk to a marina and played in the snow. Cord’s nieces made a video from the trip and it was fun to watch them create scenes and sing along with the music. It’s easy to see the goodness of Cord’s parents has trickled down through the generations. They are the wholesome, loving, Midwest family that you think only exists in the movies yet they all do it so effortlessly that you know it’s genuine.

It’s difficult for me to write about my new relationship with confidence when I couldn’t even manage to make a marriage last. I struggled with the idea of introducing Cord and his family into my blogging life with a fear that if things go wrong I have to share my failures again. I’ve come to the conclusion, though, that this is my life and who I am. New people have come into it and bring me so much happiness, joy, love, and gratitude that it would be a shame not to share it with you, especially the ones who have seen me through sadness and tears.

Happy holidays. I hope you spent them with people that brought so much joy into your life that you feel grateful for everything that you have.

17 thoughts on “Open Doors at The Landing

  1. This is such a beautiful post. I had a busy year and didn’t follow many of my favorite blogs, so I sort of lost touch with yours, but reading this made me so happy for you. As someone constantly searching for the definition of home best fitting for me (a rather difficult feat I’m finding), I was inspired by your attitude. Relationship woes are difficult and even more so when you’re bold enough to put it all out there. Cord’s family sounds amazing. Wishing you guys much happiness and regardless of what the future holds, you have these lovely holiday memories forever. All the best to you and Athena in 2017.


  2. Happy New Year to you,also. We are going to visit Door County this coming summer, hopefully. It’s around 4 hrs north of us since we live in Oshkosh. Beautiful country up there. Glad Cord’s family was welcoming!


  3. Thank you, Lesley, for sharing your experiences. I married young and divorced after seven years together. I’ve never regretted the marriage nor the divorce. They helped create the me I know and love today. Happy new year! 😉 xoM


  4. You are very fortunate to have been able to spend your holiday with the entire Smith family. I enjoyed reading what you wrote because it is so fitting. Their family is exactly as you described. They are all so welcoming, kind, and fun. They also throw some great parties. Hope you have many more memories with them. Love them all!


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