A Day of Testing Out Athena’s Gifts

PlayWheels Quad Skates
Since we were traveling during the holidays, we opted for the multiple Christmases. Santa’s elves delivered some of Athena’s gifts early so we could open them at home and the Big Guy delivered the rest on Christmas Day in Wisconsin. It was a great plan that worked wonderfully for us, but the only downside was that Athena didn’t have much time to test out her favorite Christmas gifts before leaving the state. The minute we returned, we took the time to use her PlayWheels Quad Skates and her PlayWheels Skateboard. They were the first item on her list so we wanted to make the most of it. 
PlayWheels Quad Skates
With some boxes unopened and the tree still up, we ignored the daily tasks and went out to the patio to try on the skates and test out the skateboard. Athena wanted to get a feel for them before taking them to the park.

I couldn’t get her to take off the skates. I think she got the idea from the movie Trolls but she always loved anything with wheels that she can ride and control. Most days, we don’t leave home without her scooter. Now we have more options.

She practiced by holding my hands at first. I made her wear the helmet but I didn’t have knee pads. After a trip to Walmart for knee and elbow pads, we hit the park.

She’s familiar with using a skateboard but she immediately noticed the grip surface that better kept her feet in place. I didn’t realize that her old, secondhand board didn’t have grip. Who knew she’d notice a difference or even care? I don’t think she’s going to be a professional skateboarder or compete in competitions, I certainly wouldn’t discourage her if she wanted to, but I’m shocked at how much she’s learned in such a short time. When given the opportunity, kids are so quick to learn new skills. She’s already trying tricks and trying to flip the board around her foot. I love her dedication.

While she loved the skateboard, it wasn’t long before she was back in the quad skates. She wanted to get better and practice more. As a mother, it can be hard to let her go and even more difficult to let her fall but she wanted to do it herself. I stood by encouragingly and thought about the steps to get here. It seems like last week that I was watching her learn to crawl, then to walk, then to run, and now roll down the sidewalk on quad skates. I always heard parents say how quickly the time goes by but I never imagined it would actually happen to me.

Who knows what she’ll ask for next year? Maybe I need to start preparing for dirt bikes and flyboards. She’s an adventurous one but I’ll encourage it.

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