10 Things I Want From Life

Athena and I on the beach at Hard Rock Hotel Cancun

I have no problem coming up with huge bucket list items that are so extreme they seem impossible yet I make them happen, but I lost sight of what I really want from my every day life and it leaves me feeling unfulfilled and discouraged. I’m at a cross-roads now. I will be leaving my life behind in California and starting the next chapter, but I feel more lost now than I ever did in my life. I can choose anywhere to live, I have financial security for now, and I’m healthy but my location isn’t dependent on a career and I don’t have family in one place to go home to so I decided to come up with a list of ten things that I truly want from my daily life with hopes that it will help guide my decisions on what comes next. 

10 Things I Want From Life 

Number One: Community 
I want to live in a house in a neighborhood with families and children around Athena’s age.

Number Two: A Partner
Life is better when you have someone to sleep next to at night and wake up to in the morning. Life is better when you can share it with someone who loves you and respects you. It’s better when you have a partner.

Number Three: Friends and Family
When you’re surrounded by people that bring you up and encourage happiness and kindness, it infectious.

Number Four: Purpose 
I want to have a job/career that challenges me and drives me to be creative and encourages my passions.

Number Five: Travel 
Travel will always be a part of my life. It fills me with excitement, teaches me, and pushes my limits.

Number Six: Healthy Life Balance 
I want to teach Athena a healthy balance with exercise and food, while still enjoying the occasional pizza or dinner out.

Number Seven: School 
This one seems obvious, but I want Athena to go to school. I went back and forth over the last few years about home schooling Athena or sending her to public school and I see the social benefits of her being in class and learning from her peers.

Number Eight: A Home 
I want to make my house a home by creating things, painting, and personalizing.

Number Nine: Knowledge 
I want to learn, read, and write.

Number Ten: Sharing Knowledge 
I want to share my passions and knowledge with others through teaching. I was a teacher for eight years and I was good at it. It gave me a purpose.

Now, I need to put them into action. 

42 thoughts on “10 Things I Want From Life

    • I always find it a struggle to decide if I want to be location based or if I just want the freedom to live anywhere. At this point in Athena’s life, I want her to be in school and discovering what see likes doing so I guess if anything, I’m basing it more on her than my own job path.


  1. One of my college professors had us write a personal mission statement. She said she wrote hers when she was in college, and has maintained/re-written/revised it many times over the years. Your bucket list for daily life reminds of that exercise. You are standing on a solid foundation. Let your fear become your excitement for your new chapter. Best wishes and thank you for sharing.


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  3. Everything has a season, Lesley. It looks like you’ve reached the family season right now. Provided you’re fit, you can always do your more adventurous travelling later on.


  4. A good list, but a challenging one indeed to stick to.
    On the partner side, take particular care. I believe the perfect one is there for everyone, but if they don’t happen along one is better off without a poor substitute.

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  5. Lesley, long time no see, I went surfing for a while; actually two years ( more or less ).
    It’s all one day at time. I’m like everyone else and a sucker for lists. It’s a good one. Your daughter is beautiful.

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  6. Hi Lesley, I have followed your blog far to long to remember. #2 troubles me though, I always believed you had one of those. Follow your dream, shooting for the stars. If you miss, you’ll be over the moon.


    • It’s funny how much of my life I’m willing to share but how little I’ve actually shared – if that makes sense. #2 has been a struggle for me and a part of my life that I covered up with a smile while I cried behind closed doors.


  7. Lists and targets and ambitions are fine, but remember that old adage: ‘Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans’. Me, I’ve always been my happiest letting the breezes blow and accepting whatever they give me. Nothing surprises me anymore, but many things delight me. Life has a way of working all that out.


    • I’ve been living my life with such relaxed freedom but now that Athena is school-aged, I’m excited to find a more settled environment and let her discover her surroundings and community. I’ve always been one for lists and targets though. It’s how it all began 🙂


  8. I wish you the best on what as noted above are the goals for this “season” of your life.
    I found the list of goals I had at your age evolved into a list of “rules for the journey” shared on my own blog. Some were blatantly copied from things I read along the way. Here is an explanatory note to rule seven that might help: “Life, purpose and happiness are a dance. One dances for the pleasure of the movement not to arrive at a specific spot on the floor.”


  9. Hi, Lesley. I just went through your blog for the last year or so and was amazed at all the changes in your life. I guess I was away too long! I’ve always so admired your adventurous spirit and your ability to generate an income through your passions. I wish you the best in all your decisions and dreams and will be checking back often to see what you’ve decided.


  10. I have reading your blog for years and you are always inspiring and write from your heart. We have some low moments and you always dealt with them positively. You are not lost in your life, you just find it.


  11. You know what, sister blogger (and I LOVE YOU BTW)…I’ve reread this blog again today….and I’m actually using your ” 10 LC Commandments” daily
    (I’m not religious so I’m I will assume this was a coincidence)… I’m loving the honesty and the fresh, clean, “will” to want some “old school” companionship (I’m a single mum of 3, under 7yrs old…) and everything you’ve listed….it’s so solid, clear and achievable. Yet, it’s not feeling so easy to attain. Yet…basic right?! I would love to know how you’re finding things right now…I rarely get to read, let alone shower with 3 kids running around (so apologies if you’ve already blogged updates….I just want the same 10 “mumandments” (co) and yet, achieveing this nivarna…
    Isn’t so easy….


  12. Sending you hugs! My life has changed dramatically as well and I would love to find a partner again. I am glad that you and Athena have found a new home and new school. A lovely new adventure for you both. As a retired teacher, i agree that being in a class is good for her too. I hope you find what makes you happy and enriches your life. You are an inspiration to so many and I admire you! May this next chapter be your best yet!! Hold tight! You’re going to soar! ♥


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