I Arrived in Greenland

Exploring Greenland
Visiting Greenland has always been in the back of my mind but I feared putting it on my yearly bucketlist because I didn’t think I’d never make it happen. I guess that’s the entire point of a bucketlist. It’s a long way to go for an experience and it’s cold, but my gosh, it’s worth it! The expansive natural beauty is remarkable. Yesterday we arrived in Nuuk, Greenland and today we spent our first full day discovering the beauty that surrounds it. Β 

Standing at the marina in Nuuk, Greenland
We woke up this morning and met with our guide Jackie Lyng. He and his son, Lucas, took us to a hut in the fjord, Kangerluarsunnguaq. The sun was covered by clouds during our sail but we still loved being in the fresh air and watching the new scenery. Mountains surrounded the water and the air was crisp. It was magical.
Paddling to the hut, Greenland
When we reached our destination, Jackie took us ashore in a small row boat. It was only a few minutes to reach the shore but we sang songs and laughed on the way.
Playing in the fields of Greenland
We were led up to a hut where we we’d have our lunch after a nature hike. Athena played on the rocks and jumped around. In nature, discovering something new, we were both in our element.
Outdoors, Greenland
When we reached the hut, Athena continued to play outside while our guide started a fire and unpacked. I walked around and marveled at how remote we were. Away from home, yet surrounded by things like the water, the mountains, and great company, it felt strangely familiar.
Hiking in Greenland
We hiked along a river, chatted, picked berries, and learned how to catch fish with our bare hands. (I didn’t actually manage to catch a fish and the water was freezing but it was a unique learning experience regardless.)
Local meat, Greenland
When we returned to the warm cabin, we sat around a table together and enjoyed a delicious lunch with local meats and fresh breads. It was the first time I tried reindeer and I didn’t dare tell Athena she was eating Rudolph, but we both loved it. I asked Jackie about his life in Greenland and I enjoyed hearing his story. It’s such a wonderful experience to spend the day with locals.
Returning to Nuuk, Greenland
On the return trip to Nuuk, Athena and I couldn’t stop smiling. We had only finished our first full day in Greenland but we felt like we had learned so much. With a festival filling our next two days here, we’re sure to leave with plenty of stories of our own to share.

16 thoughts on “I Arrived in Greenland

  1. I’ve only ever seen Greenland from the air, but I once met a Danish gentleman who said he was once ‘Commander of Danish Forces in Greenland’ …. I think he was a Master Sergeant! πŸ˜€

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  2. We saw the shadow of the Greenland mainland from Iceland a few years ago. What amazing photos, Lesley! What an amazing place to visit!


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