Santa Barbara Beach Resort Curacao

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort
As part of our first international trip of 2017, we’re staying in Curacao at Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort, a nestled beachfront resort along the Caribbean Sea within a 2,000 acre gated plantation. We only arrived yesterday, but it’s been heaven on earth already. Here’s a quick glimpse of our first two days at Santa Barbara.ย 

The pool at Santa Barbara Beach Resort
The pool is definitely one of our favorite spots to soak up the sun and play games. There are two main pools centrally located below the resort’s lobby and there is a pool bar and restaurant close by. We don’t even need to go to the bar to order drinks; staff come around to ask if you want food or drinks while you’re in the pool or lounging in the pool chairs.

Santa Barbara Beach Resort
While Athena made friends in the pool, I made a little friend next to my chair. He was friendly and interested in my drink. I thought he was cute but I didn’t want to feed him. I was nervous to encourage that type of interactive behavior. Not all guests would be as excited to see this guy so up close and personal.
The beach at Santa Barbara Beach Resort
The beach is equally beautiful. It’s a natural oasis to unwind in the shining warmth of the Caribbean sun. The beach has fine, pristine white sand and yet another bar close by. While I love relaxing in the sun, I made sure to choose a chair under an umbrella. It’s easy to burn in a short time in the hot sun of Curacao.
The beach at Santa Barbara
We took advantage of the beach activity center by utilizing a mask and snorkel set along with fins. There are plenty of fish to see along the barrier that protects the swimming lagoon.
Shore Restaurant at Santa Barbara Resort
We finished our first day with dinner and live music at Shore, Santa Barbara’s open-air, fine dining restaurant. Dinner was delicious but it was the breathtaking view that really made us feel like we were in paradise.

Tomorrow, we’re going to head to the spa for extra special treatment and rejuvenation. Our 60-minute couples massage will begin with a Balinese foot cleansing ritual using herbs, local sea salts, and a kalbass bowl as a vessel to cleanse the body and soul. We will then make our way to the spa suite to be hydrated, nourished, and renewed.

I’m ready to get back to writing and sharing the new adventures to come. Santa Barbara has been an awakening.

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