SNUBA with Catalina Scuba Luv

Catalina Scuba LuvI love being under water. There is beauty and grace. The fish. The kelp. They flow in an elegant rhythm. After swimming with whales, sharks, dolphins, manta rays, sting rays, and dozens of species of fish, I still haven’t been dive certified. It’s high on my list, but I need more practice using the regulator and I still feel a sense of claustrophobia or panic. It’s like I can’t breathe, but I know it’s all in my head. I went to Catalina last weekend to try SNUBA with Catalina Scuba Luv. I wanted to suppress the fear and maybe overcome it. After years of panicking and still trying, I finally found my comfort zone under the water. 

Catalina Scuba Luv

SNUBA is the perfect introduction to the vast underwater world. It allows you to breathe underwater without all of the heavy and cumbersome equipment needed in scuba diving. Plus, you don’t need to be certified to do it. I heard that Catalina Scuba Luv offered SNUBA so I planned a full day of adventures with Catalina Tours and SNUBA was on the top of the list.

After a 15-minute orientation, the guide accompanied us on an underwater tour that could be enjoyed at my own comfort level. With a small group of four guests, I didn’t feel overwhelmed to rush and leaving from the shore allowed me to stand up and slowly make my way into the water.

The guide was calming and reassuring. She said that I could stay up near the float until I felt comfortable or I could join the group below. There was no pressure.
Catalina Scuba Luv SNUBA

I put the regulator in my mouth and slowly submerged my head under water. I immediately noticed some brightly colored fish and they provided a distraction from breathing through the regulator. I swam toward one and my worries disappeared. For the first time, I breathed with ease. When I exhaled, the bubbled floated by the ears and it was like being in a hut tub. The panic had gone and all I was left with was the natural beauty of the under water world.

Catalina Scuba Luv SNUBA

My dive partner was experiencing it for the first time as well. He spun around with delight and played like a child. Watching him almost made me laugh but I refrained to avoid getting water in my mouth. Even still, the smile allowed for a tiny amount of water in my mask. It didn’t cause me panic. I tilted my head back, pushed against the mask, and blew out the water like I was taught. Having an excellent guide made a world of difference. She gave us enough instruction to provide us with the basics without freaking us out.

I’m finally ready to get dive certified. My love for the underwater world continues and now I have the confidence to take it to the next step thanks to Catalina Scuba Luv. They created the perfect learning environment and instruction to lead to success.

11 thoughts on “SNUBA with Catalina Scuba Luv

  1. how awesome, i remember diving catalina years ago, my uncle has a place called seaport village over there on the island an years ago, i remember the clearest water with 100ft visibility there! was awesome…an warm water one yes indeeD! 🙂


  2. Bingo! A travel one I needed to read. We are going to Catalina in November (will be in Venice for 4 days) and I really want to try this! Have been looking to try SNUBA for ages! Thanks for sharing. (I left a much longer response on a post, earlier… hope you saw it. ) xox


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