Getting Away at Strawhouse Resorts

Strawhouse Resorts, Big Flat, CaliforniaI struggle with balance. Staying away from social media sometimes seems impossible. I say that I’m going to put my phone away or avoid using the Internet, but it’s an addiction. I like to plan a trip away from it all every couple months so I can get back to what’s really important – quality time with Athena. We spent a night at Strawhouse Resorts in Big Flats, California and with no WiFi, phone service, or even television, we had time to share some great moments together. 

Strawhouse Resorts, Big Flat, CaliforniaStrawhouse Resorts is about 65 miles from Redding and it’s very isolated. They only have a few cottages that overlook Trinity River and an on-site organic coffee house and cafe. There’s not much else nearby, unless you’re looking for hiking trails or campgrounds.

When we walked into the cottage, Athena ran upstairs to check out her loft bedroom. The ceiling is so low that an adult can’t stand up and the bed is on the floor, but Athena felt like she was a princess in a castle. She was beaming with excitement to sleep up there and asked if she could play in her castle before dinner.
Loft at Strawhouse Resorts, California

While she was playing princess, I sat on the deck and looked out at the river. It was exceptionally warm outside but there was a nice breeze coming through the mountains and it was comfortable.

Without WiFi or phone service, I didn’t even pick up my phone, except to take a few photos. The only sound was the river. I don’t think other guests had even arrived. I sat quietly and thought about how much I love the water. I never imaged I’d be able to be land-locked but access to a river or a large lake could change my mind. Growing up, I could always see the ocean. Easy access to it all year round was a major reason why I chose California.

Strawhouse Resorts Cottage Views

Athena came down after about twenty minutes and asked if we could walk down to the river.

Like two big kids, we skipped through the grass and practiced our cartwheels. I don’t know when she transitioned from just putting her hands down on the ground and trying to kick her feet in the air to actually doing real cartwheels but they were perfect. It reminded me that we need to spend more time playing in the grass. We go to a playground, the beach, and the pool almost daily but it’s so different from my childhood in the backyard or playing in the grass. Life in California is bizarre like that but it was a good realization.

We climbed on the rocks and got our feet wet when we reached the river. She was nervous to jump from rock to rock but felt more comfortable with her shoes off.
Strawhouse Resorts, Big Flats, California

We noticed a man fishing up the river and she asked a ton of questions. She hadn’t been fishing before so we walked up the river closer to him. I said hello and he seemed friendly so I mentioned that she’d never been fishing before. Kindly, he offered for her to cast the line. She tried a few times with a huge smile on her face. Clearly, I know what needs to go on our bucket list.

We eventually made our way back to the resort for dinner and chatted with the owners for over an hour. It was easy to see that they loved living there and didn’t see it as work. Both the husband and the wife shared stories with us and it felt more like we were at a friend’s house than at a resort. We didn’t have anywhere else that we had to be or any schedule. It was laid back and casual.

When we finally did go back to our cottage, we found a CD player and games in the living room. We played Trouble and listened to music until it was time for bed.
Strawhouse Resorts, California

At 8 pm, I read Athena a story and stayed in bed with her. We talked for a while about our day before drifting off to sleep together. I never do that at home. After I read to her, I always stay up and watch tv or write. I love that she sleeps in her own room and I don’t want to disrupt the routine but I felt like it was a special treat for both of us. I usually stay up until well past midnight and I never feel well-rested in the morning.

I woke up refreshed and ready for a new adventure. I needed the time away as much as she did.

28 thoughts on “Getting Away at Strawhouse Resorts

  1. This sounds like my idea of heaven…a river, grass, music, nice people passing through. I’m glad you and Athena were able to connect in a quiet way. Hmmm, can’t wait for a fishing tale.


  2. Sounds wonderful and so peaceful. That is why I love where we live now in the country but not far from town. Both Craig and I love fishing and take time whenever we can. It is so much fun. She will love it!


  3. Sounds wonderful! I love any spot that is close to the water, too. I just moved from Tucson to NYC and it is the coolest thing to be able to walk to the river even just to watch the boats and the ripples.


  4. Sounds lovely…
    This summer I went to our local beach on my own and laid in shingle sand whilst children played around me, people chatted away and the water pounded the shoreline. I left my phone in the car and recharged myself. I love being outdoors. Sounds like you and your daughter do too.. 🙂


  5. Before settling on Southern Oregon, Peggy and I seriously looked around Weaverville for retirement. It’s beautiful country. I ran several backpacking trips in the Trinity Alps. I enjoyed going on the romp with you and Athena. And the escape from the Internet connection… critical at times. –Curt


  6. when no internet is available, it is a good thing to change our routine. Right now, I am away from home and can only connect with internet when I am a our hotel..during the day I am busy enjoying the outdoors. When I get back I send a few pics via what’s app… It is always good to disconnect for a while.
    I like reading your blog…


  7. Thank you for sharing this, makes me smile for wise mamas remembering the heart of things – I just did the same solo in Glacier Park, and will head back up with my two young ones again this weekend. Micro-adventures and well-being calibrations. Amazing how quickly we can come back to life. Big healing and restoration. Cheers.


  8. It is nice to just totally get away from everything and not have to be plugged in all the time. Just living life and enjoying each other is what life is really all about. That place looks perfect for it too. I would love to sit down there by the water in those chairs and just soak up the views.


  9. So glad you had a fantastic time away – Strawhouse Resorts sounds amazing. I think we all need that opportunity to disconnect every now and then. It actually forces us to interact with each other and get outdoors. I’m all for forced unplugging!


  10. Sometimes is so nice to be forced to take a break from the Internet! It sounds like it was just the break you needed. That’s great Athena got to try fishing–how nice of that man to let her cast a few times! Sounds like a great, relaxing day!


  11. I love this! It’s so important to “unplug” every so often. Unfortunately like you, it really takes being somewhere with no wifi or cell service for me to do that. I’m not great at just putting the phone down of my own free will lol. This place looks amazing though and I’m glad you were able to have this special time with your daughter.


  12. We live in Anderson and have family in the Eureka area. Whenever we drive to the coast, we make sure to stop by Strawhouse. We LOVE the food! And the view is spectacular, as well. It is a real gem in the middle of nowhere. 🙂


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