Murphys, California 

Murphys, California
Murphys, California is located in the central Sierra Neveda foothills between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park in Calaveras County. It is a quaint community of approximately 2,000 residents but don’t be mislead by the lower residence numbers. The people of Murphys as well as the guests know how to have a good time. I recently stayed at The Victoria Inn and dined at Murphys Hotel Restaurant. At  night, the town was alive with music and entertainment. 

I arrived in Murphys after an afternoon of adventure at Moaning Cavern Adventure Park and Natural Bridges and I was exhausted. I checked into The Victoria Inn and the host was one of the most accommodating people I met in years. He helped me with directions and technology issues and he was friendly and personable. I was extremely grateful for his above-and-beyond attitude.

The Victoria Inn, Murphys
I made my way up to the suite and it was stunning. I passed fresh cookies and brownies on the way and helped myself to one as a pick-me-up after all the adventure. There were two bottles of water in the room that were a welcomed treat as well.

The suite had a massive bay window and a cute patio. The bathroom was huge and I took advantage of the soaker tub rather than taking a shower.

Murphys Historic Hotel Restaurant
Murphys Hotel Restaurant is just up the street and I heard fantastic things about their dining so I walked over after getting washed and dressed.

Murphys Historic Hotel Restaurant
I was dreaming of a thick, juicy steak after exerting myself all afternoon in the hot sun. I order a filet with veggies and potatoes. The sauce was so delicious that I mixed it with the potatoes and the veggies and the medium rare steak was cooked to perfection.

The restaurant was already buzzing with guests and the host told me that there would be karaoke later in the evening.

Rather than returning to my suite, I stayed at Murphys Hotel Restaurant for awhile to listen to the music and have a drink.

I met a local couple who chatted with me about the area. They shared their table with me and we ordered drinks together. I only had to walk across the street so I was free to relax with a beer.

It was a great evening of entertainment and as I walked back to my hotel, the upbeat vibe of Murphys continued.

I opened the window in my room to be serenaded by the sounds of the evening.

Murphys Historic Hotel Restaurant
In the morning, I woke up early and returned to the window. Once again, the town was alive with people enjoying the warm morning sun. For a small town of only 2,000 residence, Murphys is awake and lively.

8 thoughts on “Murphys, California 

  1. This is our favorite get a way.. We love the town people and winery feel. We stay at Murphys. I love the history of the hotel.. I am longing for a visit. The walk around the stream is a joy as well. Thanks for sharing.. Our favorite place ..


  2. Beautiful part of the country. Thanks for sharing. My grandfather was forest ranger in the Sierra’s near Bridgeport during the 20s, 30s and 40. Mapped a large part of the area and the small alpine lakes still bear the names of women from his family and others living in Carson Valley. Beautiful part of our great country.


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