Sea Marina Del Rey with Mojo

Marina Del Rey, California
It’s no secret that I love sailing. There isn’t much that makes me happier than spending an afternoon on the ocean with my family. For the last few weeks, we’ve been living in Playa Del Rey, California and we’re within walking distance to Marina Del Rey. Watching the boats sail by brings up my happiness level tenfold but, of course, I want to be on every one of them. After looking into the sailing options from Marina Del Rey, I found Mojo Sailing. We booked an afternoon with Captain Jim and enjoyed the best part of the day from aboard Mojo. 

Sailing on Mojo, Marina Del Rey, CaliforniaWe set out from the marina and headed north towards Santa Monica. I’d never seen the pier from the ocean before and it’s a uniquely beautiful perspective. Athena was beaming with excitement. She always feels like a “big girl” when she gets to do things like sail with us.
Santa Monica Pier from the ocean
We ate snacks and I drank a glass of wine as we sailed by the pier. The wind was optimal and the sun peaked out to say hello just enough to keep us warm. Captain Jim offered for me to take control but I was happy being a more passive passenger on this adventure. I’m not immune to the joys of sitting back and letting someone else do the work.
Athena manning the helm on Mojo sailboat
When we turned back, Captain Jim asked Athena if she wanted to steer. She was giddy with excitement and although she was focused, she couldn’t stop smiling. Often times, parents are hesitant to take kids on experiences like this because they worry about behavior or how fun it will be for everyone involved but I’ve tried to encourage it as much as possible. It doesn’t always work out perfectly, but when it does we have beautiful days like this that create lifelong memories.
Mojo Sailing, Marina Del Rey
After a couple hours on the ocean, we sailed back to the marina with a little extra sun tan and a lot of happiness. Captain Jim’s casual attitude was the perfect match for our experience and giving Athena some responsibility made it even more memorable for her.

Marina Del Rey is one of the largest marinas in the world and there is a constant flow of boats entering and leaving the marina. Watching them is peaceful and beautiful but it can’t compare to feeling of setting sail on a boat with your family in tow

6 thoughts on “Sea Marina Del Rey with Mojo

  1. Agreed! Athena smiling at the helm just made my day! I haven’t been sailing in twenty years, and never at sea. I’ll have to try to get un-land-locked soon and rectify that!


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