Eastern Canada Bucket List

Magic Mountain Little Squirt
Since moving back to Eastern Canada, my bucket list has grown substantially. There are extreme adventures and quiet trails, 5-star historic hotels and hidden cabins for rent in Canada‘s eastern regions. You can lean off of buildings, raft a tidal bore, or explore enchanted forests. There are so many unbelievable options that I’ve created an Eastern Canada bucket list.  Eastern Canada is generally considered to be the region of Canada east of Manitoba, consisting of the following provinces: New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec. These are our favorite bucket list ideas in Eastern Canada.

Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, Quebec City, Quebec 

Ideally located inside the walls of Old Quebec, the iconic Fairmont Le Château Frontenac has undergone a multi-million dollar renaissance project that will reposition it as one of the world’s leading hotels. It is the most iconic spot in Quebec.

Iceberg Watching, Newfoundland 

When it comes to viewing icebergs, Newfoundland is one of the best places in the world. On a sunny day, these 10,000-year-old glacial giants are visible from many points along the northern and eastern coasts. Iceberg Alley stretches from the coast of Labrador to the southeast coast of the island of Newfoundland.

Green Gables Historical Place, Prince Edward Island

One of the reasons Prince Edward Island is famous is because of the novel Anne of Green Gables. Written by Lucy Maud Montgomery back in 1908, the area that is now Green Gables Historical Place was the actual place that inspired the story. You can walk inside the “fictional” house as described in the book, learn about the history of the author, and see other areas featured in the book. For lovers of the story, this is a historical site you can’t miss.

Cape Enrage, New Brunswick 
Cape Enrage, New Brunswick
The Bay of Fundy is one of the Marine Wonders of the World with tides rising as much as 53 vertical feet over a 12-hour period twice each day. Cape Enrage offers one of the most spectacular views of the natural phenomenon. Also at Cape Enrage, you can get a unique view of the world-famous Bay of Fundy from the over-600 foot long zip line or enjoy an exhilarating descent on the 142 foot cliffs overlooking the Bay of Fundy’s giant tides as you rappel with a guide at Cape Enrage.

Mont-Tremblant, Laurentian Mountains, Quebec
Winter in Mont Tremblant
Mont-Tremblant is set within the Laurentian Mountains, northwest of Montréal. The year-round Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort, on the shores of Lake Tremblant, features acclaimed winter sports, golf courses, and a pedestrian shopping village. North of town, expansive Mont-Tremblant National Park offers forested hiking trails and lakes for canoeing, along with winter activities. Even if you’re not a skier, Mont-Tremblant offers some of the most magical hidden cabin retreats with heated pools, hut tubs, heated floors, lavish pool houses, barbecues, and fireplaces.

Foresta Lumina, Coaticook, Quebec
Foresta Lumina, Coaticook, Quebec
Foresta Lumina is a multimedia nighttime experience along Coaticook’s Canyon, about 2 hours away from Montreal. Seven beautiful manuscripts introduce the cast of fictional characters presented through sophisticated lighting, mapped media, and original sound tracks. Foresta Lumina invites you in a variety of theatrical effects that create a magical setting. Visitors enter an imaginary heritage of the region and capture the mythology of the Quebec forest.

Tidal Bore Rafting, Bay of Fundy, Shubenacadie River, Nova Scotia

Powered by the world famous Bay of Fundy tidal bore, Nova Scotia’s tidal bore rafting tours are unlike any other rafting experience on the planet. Imagine floating on a calm, peaceful river taking in the scenic cliffs one moment, and seeing it transformed into raging rapids the next. Twice a day when the tide changes, the bore temporarily reverses the flow of the river, creating incredible roller coaster rapids. River Runners Tidal Bore Rafting, Shubenacadie River Adventure Tours, and Fundy Tidal Bore Adventures are among the most popular companies that have Tidal Bore Rafting.

Zero Gravity Flights – Swiss Space Systems, North Bay, Ontario

90-minute plane rides that simulate a state of weightlessness known as zero gravity are offered at Swiss Space Systems. Their modified planes execute 15 special parabolic maneuvers that create the zero gravity state for 20 to 25 seconds each.

La Ronde, Montreal, Quebec 
La Ronde, Montreal, Quebec
La Ronde is an amusement park built as the entertainment complex for Expo 67, the 1967 world fair. Today, it is owned and operated by Six Flags. From thrilling coasters like Goliath to rides for kids like Air Papillon, La Ronde has it all. You could fill an entire page of your Eastern Canada bucket list with activities at La Ronde alone.

Edge Walk, CN Tower, Toronto, Ontario

Toronto’s tallest attraction has adventure lovers taking a walk OUTSIDE – around the circumference of the 356m-high CN Tower.

Magic Mountain Waterpark, Moncton, New Brunswick 
Magic Mountain, Moncton
Magic Mountain is part of the Magnetic Hill tourist site. The park is the largest man-made tourist attraction in Atlantic Canada. In the SplashZone, you can experience the Kamikaze speed slide, the Tornado tube slide, and three giant twister slides. Magic Mountain’s FunZone features classic amusement rides like the Red Baron, SkyFlyer, WaveSwinger, Tilt-A-Whirl, and Scrambler.

Hotel de Glace, Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier, Quebec

With its 44 rooms and theme suites, Chapel and Grand Slide, the Hôtel de Glace will transport you into a fascinating world entirely made of snow and ice.

The Bottle Houses, Cap-Egmont, Prince Edward Island

More than 25,000 glass bottles form the walls and design features of the light-filled buildings known as The Bottle Houses. A quirky artist and builder, the late Édouard Arsenault used colored bottles to construct a six-gabled house, a hexagonal tavern, and a chapel furnished with pews and an altar. It’s all built from glass and cement.

Swimming with Whales, St. John’s, Newfoundland

Ocean Quest Adventures offers visitors to Newfoundland the chance to plunge into the Atlantic Ocean and bob around with humpback whales and dolphins. The encounter is offered in the early summer and coincides with the migration of the whales.

Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia 
Moose Sighting Cape Breton Nova Scotia
The Cabot Trail is a 185 mile driving loop that has picturesque lookout points, miles of hiking trails, lush forests, and endless beauty. Highlights include the Skyline Trail, Mary Ann Falls, Ingonish Beach, and Uisge Ban Falls. Additionally, a popular local swimming spot is Black Brook Beach in Ingonish. It’s a great spot to catch some waves while boogie boarding. If you just can’t get enough of the Cabot Trail, check out 11 Not To Be Missed Stops on the Cabot Trail for even more inspiration.

21 thoughts on “Eastern Canada Bucket List

  1. I have spent a great deal of time in Quebec but haven’t before heard of the Foresta Lumina. I will be looking at that closer. Also, when in Mont-Tremblant, please don’t overlook the wonderful Parc St. Bernard, family oriented with it’s x-country and snowshoeing trails as well as an astronomy pavilion.

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    • I’m now living in Quebec but from Nova Scotia. Between the two of us, we’re covering a lot of territory 😉

      We planned a bunch of winter activities like Winter Carnival and Winterlude trips, as well as Mont Tremblant and Vermont, and we sprinkled in trips to the Caribbean to warm us up. I think we’re ready.

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