Moved to Frisco, Texas

New Home Frisco Texas

After months of planning and careful consideration, our big move back to the US has arrived. We bought a house in Frisco, Texas. A lot of people asked why Frisco? We’ve traveled around the world and lived in many different places. We made Montreal our home out of necessity, not desire, and we wanted to consciously choose the best place for us as a family. Frisco is constantly rated one of the best places in the US to live for families with top schools in the country. Couple that with more than 250 days a year of sunshine and a remarkable cost of living and Frisco kept coming up on the top of our list. Our daily life has already been greatly enhanced in Frisco with easy access to entertainment, theater, arts, sports, and dining. Our beautiful home is large enough to host guests and the backyard is the private oasis of my dreams. There is an international airport 30 minutes away and there are endless road trip opportunities. We’re loving the transition.

New Home in Frisco, Texas

When we arrived at the house, I couldn’t believe how beautiful it is. Would you believe we bought the house sight unseen? We did Skype with the realtor before purchasing but we’d never actually set foot in the home until it was ours.

Large Kitchen Island

Inside, the kitchen island is better than my wildest dreams. Within a week of moving in, we already hosted family and friends, celebrating the heat in Texas around the island and at the pool.

Master Bathroom

The master bathroom looks like a magazine ad and our walk-in closet is the size of a bedroom. I still can’t believe it’s our home. I wake up daily with a new appreciation for the house and the community.

Guest Bedroom

Athena’s bedroom is absolutely adorable with plenty of room to grow and there is an entire loft area as a dedicated playroom.

Backyard Pool

The pool and the backyard are really what sold us on the house. We’d always dreamed of having our own pool with a hot tub and plenty of space for hosting guests.

Our Frisco journey has only just begun. And… I’m here on a fiancee visa so we will be getting married within 90 days. Lots to come.

58 thoughts on “Moved to Frisco, Texas

    • Hey there. How are you? We are doing well. I really needed time to figure out my direction and where I fit. Surprisingly, with everything I’ve had in life, I’ve struggled with finding happiness. I even slipped into a path of depression, especially when my grandfather died. I’m slowly finding myself again and enjoying the simple things. I don’t understand how people find the joy in everything they do but I’m working on it.


  1. Welcome to the neighborhood! I live in Arlington. About the same distance as you from the airport but directly diagonal to the southwest.

    Lovely looking home. You should have tons of neighbors now with The Star and Toyota and many others moving into that area. Housing prices have really firmed up the past 5 years thanks to all of the incoming such as yourselves.

    I was born and raised here. Let me know if you have any questions.

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      • I was born and raised in rural Grimes County Texas about 40 miles northwest of Houston. I have been to Frisco, but it’s been a very long time ago. So it would be unrecognizable to me now. I left Texas in the late 1960s but had a remarkable opportunity to buy a second home in Montgomery, Texas from 2010 – 2014 to care for my mother who had Alzheimer’s. I loved living in Texas again! Politics aside, Texans always believe it’s the greatest place on earth. So enjoy!!


  2. While downsizing and long-term traveling are becoming more popular, it seems like you are doing (and enjoying) the opposite! Enjoy your new life! I’ve been a digital nomad since 2003 and seeing your nice house and yard makes me crave comfort, luxury, and being settled for a while! It all costs a lot of money, though. 🙂

    By the way, we recently swung by Montreal in our camper van and hope to return for a proper city center visit in the future. Part of town reminded me of my home country, Belgium.

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    • We’ve been traveling for years and I don’t plan on stopping but maybe slowing down a little bit. I love discovering something new and adventurous but I believe this is what’s best for Athena.

      Montreal is a fun place to visit, especially in the summer. What did you see/do while you were there?

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      • I sometimes dream of a home base as well. 🙂

        We only stopped in Montreal for a few hours as we always camp our van for free, had to take the metro into town, and needed to leave our dog in the camper, parked in the shade. So, we had to wait until late afternoon to see a little bit of the business district and the old part of town and didn’t have much time. I was hot and humid, the beginning of July!

        The three of us are now back in Canada to spend the rest of the summer in the Maritimes.


  3. Congratulations, Leslie. I rode my bike through there when I did my 10,000 mile trip around North America and then Peggy and I drove through there when we retraced my route three years ago. –Curt


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