Athena’s First Day of School in Frisco

First Day of School in Frisco, Texas

Athena started school in Frisco, Texas on August 15th. The community made it the best first day of school ever. Many of the families in the neighborhood gathered together to walk the kids to school. They chalked the sidewalks with positive messages for the kids and made the first day a memorable one. This is life in Frisco.

First Day of School in Frisco, Texas

As we walked to the community park to meet other parents and walk the kids to school as a group, we noticed dozens of positive, encouraging messages written by parents in the community. They planned to go out the night before and fill the sidewalks and streets with warm messages to make the kids feel loved. It was like something you’d see in a commercial or a movie but you would assume doesn’t exist in real life. But here we were and we were living it.

First Day of School in Frisco, Texas

We arrived at the park and we were greeted by other community families. We introduced ourselves to many of them and the kids gathered together to take a First Day photo.

First Day of School in Frisco, Texas

Athena had already made friends with the girl next door so they took an extra special photo together before we walked along the path towards the school.

First Day of School in Frisco, Texas

Athena felt a little nervous before going in to start the day. We took one last photo outside before heading into the building.

First Day of School in Frisco, Texas

Her teacher noticed she was nervous and asked her if she wanted to take photos with props before going inside. As Athena posed for photos, she almost forgot that she was nervous.

She went inside the class and the parents gathered in the library for snacks with the Parent Teacher Association.

The simple actions and planning of our community members made the first day of school one that we will never forget. It also made me want to join the community event committee to be a part of the next event. This is the type of community we’d envisioned for our family.

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  1. Oh yes, school starts earlier in some areas of USA. In Quebec they started yesterday I think and here in Vancouver, school starts on Tuesday after Labour Day. I don’t have kids going to school now. My boys are 24 and 26. And I don’t teach anymore September is different and I like it that way. Enjoy this new beginning. I am sure it wall going to be great.


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