I’m Making it Myself – DIY Projects Around the House

DIY Collage

We’ve lived in our new home for almost 7 months and we’ve taken great pride in making it unique. After spending the evening making yet another table and an art piece for the bonus room, I realized how many DIY projects we’ve done around the house. We’ve made dumper diving a regular event and we both love coming home with a new find, especially when we pull it out of a garbage bin in the neighborhood. I search craigslist for possible projects and I spend a lot of time at second-hand stores and yard sales. All of the searching and creating has resulted in a semi-furnished space that is completely us and a labor of love. Each project is special because we either made it from scratch or refinished it. It may take longer, but the end result is uniquely “Carter” material.  Continue reading

Are DIY Projects on Your Bucket List?

DIY Laundry Room

I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I build something myself. It’s original and it’s imperfections make it even more perfect; that’s why decorating our new house made this year’s bucket list. If there were no time constraints, I’d build everything myself. Since that’s not possible, the things I can build hold even more significance.  We officially finished our laundry room this evening and three of the pieces were created by us. In a busy world filled with bills and house cleaning and grocery shopping, I love to fit in a few DIY projects that make me excited.  Continue reading

DIY Bucket List

“Move into our home and finish decorating” is on this year’s bucket list, but it’s a much New Home, Charlotte, North Carolinabigger undertaking than I anticipated. We have an entire house to fill and too many ideas floating around to make concrete decisions. Whew… it’s a real challenge! We did manage to design and create a few amazing pieces that we are truly proud to have in our house. Some projects came from craigslist.com and we added our own touches while others came from scrap wood that we found around the community; that’s one of the perks of living in a newly developing area. We have a long way to go, but we’re starting to feel like we’re home.  Continue reading